DIY Wedding Gift Postcards

As we mentioned on Monday, we spent our weekend celebrating a childhood friend’s marriage. Ash was a bridesmaid, and instead of picking a generic vase or bowl off the wedding registry, she decided to do a more personal wedding gift. A college friend of hers did this project at her wedding, and it was such a delight, Ash had to do it for Lydia and Mark. Now we’re sharing it with all of our fellow monsters, because it’s just too great to keep to ourselves.

This is a shot of the postcard table at Ash & James' Wedding

Essentially, this gift is a series of personalized postcards that can be customized with photos from the wedding weekend and are mailed to the couple throughout their first year of marriage. Ash set up a table with some pens, postcards and signage at the wedding reception and directed guests to fill out a postcard with some well-wishes, advice, or general words of love to the new couple. Now she’ll drop a handful of cards in the mail every week for the next year with images from the wedding affixed. Personal. Special. And a great way to celebrate that couple’s big day for the next 365 days – the wedding itself goes by far too fast, so this keeps it in their heart’s during that first year!

You can always opt for postcard printing.

And just look at this adorable guest leaving a note. (Many thanks to Pattison Photography for providing some shots of the gorgeous day!)

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Soury over at Kawaii Goods supplied Ash with the stack of DIY Custom Photo Postcards that each of the guests signed. She generously offered to give away some to all of you! FIVE (yes, FIVE!) lucky winners will win a pack of 10 3.5″x5″ photo postcards. To enter, comment on this post and share with us advice that you’d pass on to a newly married couple. Ash says to remember that no one is perfect, and that forgiving easily will make life a lot more pleasant that wasting energy being angry. Kimmy thinks it is important to make each other laugh, all the time.

Set of DIY photo postcards (I used 100 because the wedding included around 125 guests)
A good number of pens (I laid out about 8-10 felt-tip black pens)
A basket or vessel in which to put the finished cards
Stones or a weighted object to hold down the cards if it is breezy (applicable to outdoor reception)
A sign that explains the project and instructions for the guest (I displayed it in a picture frame)
Photos from the wedding
Postcard stamps

1. Order photo postcards, gather pens, picture frame, basket and any other “flair” that you want to put on the table to draw attention to the gift.
2. Create sign. Mine read: Leave a message for Lydia & Mark! Send a memory, a bit of advice, or your best wishes to the happy couple by writing on a postcard and leaving it in the basket. Postcards will be sent to Lydia and Mark throughout their first year of marriage, and photos from this celebratory weekend will be attached to each note!
3. Place sign in frame or display case.
4. Set up table at the reception in a central location. I had it displayed right at the entrance to the reception so that guests arriving and departing would readily see it.
5. Encourage guests to contribute. I asked the maid of honor to mention the project right before her toast to help make people aware!

6. Gather up finished postcards. Address with couple’s address. Attach postcard stamp.

7. Print photos from the weekend. I asked guests to send me images that they took on their personal cameras. The couple will already be receiving photos from their professional photographer, so the postcards are a nice way to highlight other more snap-shot-esque images of the day.
8. Affix photos to postcards. I am trying to match up images of people in conjunction with their card.
9. Every week drop a couple in the mail! Count up the number of cards, divide by 52, and you have the number of cards per week.
10. As a nice addition to the gift, give the couple a photo album where both sides of the photo inserts are visible so that they can see both photo and message. I gave Lydia and Mark this picture hanger too, so that the postcards could be rotated and displayed in their home as they arrived.

11. What a perfect way to remember such a beautiful occasion!

Photos: Courtesy of Pattison Photography and Green Eyed MonsterĀ®

13 comments to DIY Wedding Gift Postcards

  • Meg

    I would tell a newly married couple to laugh often, say i love you everyday, and never go to bed mad. And remember they are one of the lucky ones to find their true love, embrace in it and love like crazy

  • Anna L

    One of my favorite pieces of advice I’ve heard over the years: when you fight (because you will) hold each other’s hands. It is much more difficult to be really angry at someone when you are in contact with them…plus, it makes you laugh a bit :)

  • DevyPoo

    This is a little tough since I’m not married but I think one good piece of advice would be to be intentional about setting aside date nights. Too often the chaos of life and work make it hard to spend time with the ones you love.

  • Marisa

    Brilliant! I need to make some for my wedding! My favorite marriage advice so far has been to make sure you understand the different qualities of the person you are marrying, specifically the faults. Continuously love each other in spite of those faults, rather than always seeking to change them.

  • Shannon Naugle

    My favorite piece of advice was that there is no magic point of your relationship…it is all a process and you have to keep working on bettering your relationship every day

  • I heard this at a wedding recently and really liked it. Marriage is permanent, faithful, and open to life.

  • ReganJ

    the most advice I got from my husband’s family and friends (every single one of them told me this without knowing the others had said it also)…was to invest in a huge skillet frying pan to hit him over the head with…now that we are married over 2 years, I understand…LOL!

    I would advise to choose your battles…sometimes the winner really is the one that loses in the end…some fights really just aren’t worth winning…laugh a lot…compliment every day-make a point to say something nice about your spouse even when you don’t want to…

  • Christina

    I would advise not showing being upset over small things – they’ll come and go, it’s the large things that are important!

  • I would tell them to remind each other regularly of their love, to be willing to compromise on issues, especially trifling ones, and to be quick to apologise for wrongs and forgive!

  • Kara

    I agree with the make each other laugh comment from Kimmy and I think you can never hold back with the one you love. Oh and my parents always lived by don’t sweat the small stuff. These would be so cute for my best friend Emma’s wedding in October! She is obsessed with photography so i think she would love them!

  • Treasure all the sweet moments, no matter how silly or corny they look. Later on, thinking back on them, they’re worth the world. :)

  • james

    I’d say make an effort to vocalize, or otherwise show them, every time they impress you. Life has tons of those “little moments” – don’t let them pass without letting the one you love know about them.

  • Gae Seal

    I thought of sending cards before I saw your clever explanation! Thanks for the “How-To” help! I’m doing this for the Shower Guests.

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