We rocked the fanny pack pretty seriously when we were young and livin’ it up as early 90s kids. So much did we (re: our mom) adore the fanny pack, for it was comfortable, practical, and easily carried our most important totables while traveling. In terms of fashion sensibility, however? Not. So. Much. Thank the sweet lord for the passing of time and brilliant designers such as May.Tree.Ark who have revived the fanny pack, but with a hipper name: The Hipshack. Pun intended. It’s got the same ease of use, just without screaming, I AM A TOURIST! JE NE PARLE PAS FRANCIAS! <all hard consonants PRONOUNCED!> The colors are more understated than aggressive 90s-fluorescents, and it frees up your hands for important things like gelato and bags of the latest fashions purchased abroad.

ENVIABLE PERK: Each satchel is handcrafted from upcycled fabric for the organization of today’s modern marvels that inspire us to travel the globe or right next door at the neighbors.

A hip shake is far sexier than a fanny shake, no?

GIVEAWAY ALERT: May.Tree.Ark is giving away the black HipShack wallet featured above. To enter, comment on this post and describe your least fashionable moment in time. Ash had a sweet hoodless sweatshirt in black-and-white check, neon pink, and fluorescent green that she wore like it was going out of style (thank goodness, it was). Kimmy had two drawers full of scrunchies, no joke.

Photo: Courtesy of May.Tree.Ark


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64 comments to May.Tree.Ark.

  • Kara

    For me it was starter jackets. I had a Charlotte hornets one and I thought I was the coolest.

    Kimmy, I feel your pain! I also had a deep love for scrunchies and I just hated giving them up!

  • WOW! During the first neon phase I had a complete outfit of black pants, white shirt, neon green suspenders, neon green socks, and neon green skinny tie that I wore with neon green jelly shoes. After that came the first Reebok hightops that were black with neon pink soles and insides. Oh and let’s not forget the Swatch and Coke rugby jerseys. Could we just forget the 80′s please?!?

  • Meg

    tweety bird shirts! i loved tweety birdddd haha and i too had starter jacket unconn huskies and thought i was the coolest kid in school haha anddd to go with the scrunchies..who didnt have scunchies! maybe not as long as kara..

  • ReganJ

    the rolled jeans…i remember even when i would do it to be in fashion just cringing at the sight of it…lol!!!

  • Elliott

    Picture this: my Girl Scout troop sweatshirt (turquois with a hot pink silk-screened unicorn), acid washed jeans with the carefully ripped knee, LA Gear high tops with three(!) sets of laces (white, pink, and pink with sparkles), and a pink scrunchy applied with just a dash of je ne sais quoi.

    I rocked 1992 so hard.

  • I was really hot stuff in my sweatshirt dress and leggings. The sweatshirt dress was basically an extra long sweatshirt. The color was electric blue and it had a glittery design of a tiger (eye of the tiger?) on the front. I rocked the look by adding my rocker boots with rhinestone boot bracelets….those were the days….lol

  • val

    Jnco Jeans. Wide leg to the extreme, with Airwalk shoes, and a tiny thrift store t-shirt that probably had a boys’ youth soccer team screened on it.

  • Clarissa

    I remember wearing yellow fluo leggings when I went to high school in early 80s. I also remember wearing a hot pink rainjacket that was totally in fashion during that time. GULP! I am glad those times are over…
    And what about the mullet for men? That WAS UGLY!!!

  • Viva

    Legwarmers. No need to say more ; )

  • katie

    ahhh the pants that said angle and hottie on the butt….those were the good days haha

  • i rocked a bright silver puff jacket in my younger years, spurring my friends to call me “puff mama”, as i looked like an imitation of an early 90′s puff daddy…sigh

  • Heather

    I would wear tight pants with big sweaters over them and large thick socks over the tight pants- in 4th grade. Strange thing is, it’s coming back in style!

  • kirsty

    in the 80′s i wore flouro tshirts with mesh singlet over the top and those ghastly bubblegum jeans (skin tight of course) with white high heel leather boots. shoot. me. please

  • liz

    My fav fashionable wardrobe right now is loose shirt with boyfriend blazer, combined with shorts. I love to wear it hanging out with my hubby or my friends. It is so comfort, stylish, with little work. I always use high heels to complete my outfit well :)

  • mruna

    It has to be when i matched much…I was in a phase then would wear everything of the same color…rite from shoes to clothes to accesories!!!

  • It was the 90′s and the strech pants were the thing. And lets pair that with the babydoll tops. Or what about the handmade overalls? YIKES!!! ambrerose(at)aol(dot)com

  • I think the least fashionable where the skintight leggings in the nineties, but also the scottish tartan checkered wide leg pants of the seventies are still branded on my brain :)

  • Oh! The “punk” phase.
    I dressed like a weirdo.
    (At least my friends were doing it with me!)

  • Christina

    I always like dressing up WHEREVER I go, so my least fashionable moment in time was having to walk my dog in my bathrobe (I live in the city) because I was too ill to dress up (even though it was five in the morning!). The wallet is absolutely lovely!

  • Hmmm…what terrible fashion moment to choose? I had plenty in my childhood, but those are forgiven because I was a kid. The overalls nearly every day for a year in college, though. That’s just sad.

  • picture this:

    Jeri-Curl hair, thick lensed glasses that were broken once (they hung crooked on my nose), yellow button down shirt with pocket on the left upper chest, purple polyester pants (kind of reverse bell bottoms), rainbow socks, blue nylon jacket, and black converse high tops. Circa 1988, age 13, 8th grade picture. And yes, I had scrunchies too (they kept falling out because my hair was so. . .wet)

  • It would have to be when my mom thought poofy bangs were in style. My hair is curly to begin with, so she just brushed through my bangs to form a small poodle hanging out on my forehead. I was too young to argue and assumed that my mom was ‘in the know’ about fashionable hairstyles. To this day, I take my mom’s hairstyle tips with a grain of salt.

  • evamarie

    It was eighth grade in ’89. I wore acid wash jeans (tight rolled of course!) with my neon pink oversized t-shirt and big permed hair! I was totally rad.

    Thank you!

  • I thought I was so hip, with my pegged acid washed jeans tucked into oversized, scrunched socks. I try to avoid those pages in the photo album.

  • 3rd and 4th grade. oversized tshirt. spandex shorts. with holes in them. yes – i (thought i) looked good.

  • LOL, I was SUPER tall when I was young- I am 5foot9and stopped growing at 12years old so I was really tall when I was in elementry school :) My hair was also really curly. For some reason I kept it (or my mom did) really short so I had sort of a birds nest of top of my head. Oh I looked cool all right. This super tall kid -often taller than the teacher, with a huge birds nest on her head, this is also in the early 80′s when most kids had long hair :)

  • nan lara

    i had a yellow/gold gap sweater that back in the day i thought was great and wore alot..i look back and question whose mirror i was looking in at the time
    nannypanpan at

  • In 5th grade, I have a dress, that is was really long (up to my ankles) and antique, but i love it!! i dont know why because is horrible… lol

  • raquel

    acid wash jeans and sweater tied around the waist…need i say more?

  • Amy

    For me, it had to be oversized t-shirts cinched on one side by one of those circular rings. I’m sure they had a proper name, but it escapes me now. I paired my t-shirts with neon knit shorts and knock-off Chuck Taylors (in pink and yellow). Awesome.

  • mar

    for me..Christmas sweater.. when it was no where near christmas.

  • Mal Mortell

    For me it was get that way too tight perm right befor my Aunts wedding. Not a good moment at all.

  • Nell

    Oh my least fashionable moments in time …? It’s both hilarious and a bit painful to think about them! I think that those before the age of 10 or so aren’t so heinous since even the worst dressed little kids are still cute! So let’s move on to adolescence. *Shiver On second thought, let’s not go there … So on to my early 20′s. OK, least fashionable moment in my early 20′s was wearing hiking boots with long hippy-style, flowery skirts. I thought it showed that I was both earthy and outdoorsy and girly and pretty. In retrospect, just kinda stupid looking.

  • I actually had a pair of M.C. Hammer pants….and wore them to school…once

  • I (proudly) wore a pair of black rubber tennis shoes that had cutouts, so that my socks showed through. Picture it… neon socks that matched my outfits… wow.

  • Lisa

    I once had a pair of lime green bell bottoms. They made my legs look good, but I wonder how I managed to wear them so often.

  • Shayla

    Sparkly blue flare pants at my grandparent’s 50th anniversary.

  • Lyudmila

    My scientific paper published in the journal

  • I had 3 different pairs of MC Hammer pants and I rocked them so hard all the time. I would probably rock them now if I had them and was the size of a fourth grader.

  • I had these jeans that I cut off, wearing just the legs as if they were leggings…
    …and a little voice in the back of my head STILL tells me I looked really nice. But others may disagree.

  • Ellie

    Legwarmers over bluejeans. Need I say more!

  • lola malone

    lol. that would be today. :( we were at my in-laws for my (now) 2 yr olds birthday party. I had just gotten him out of the pool, when he turned around and headed right back out of the house. he jumped right into the pool without any flotation device or anyone around. I jumped right in after him adn immediately plucked him out without so much as a whimper. I was fully dressed though, and had no other clothes, so I spent the rest of the party in my father in law’s basketball shorts, my husbands extra beat up (very large) shirt from the back of the car, and no bra. :(

  • Stephanie

    That would have to be the hand-me-down Lederhosen when I was in second grade.

  • I was notorious for tight-rolling my jeans in junior high. With Eastlands. Just thinking about it makes me cringe – I can’t believe my mom let me leave the house like that.
    Thanks for the chance!

  • Oh my goodness, when I was in seventh grade, I thought I was a hippie – and this was the 90s. I’m not even kidding. I wore vests with fringe down to my knees, bell-bottoms that my mom had sewn into huge bells around my often times bare feet. I even had long Marsha Brady hair and wore blue tinted glasses.

    I am so glad that people were wise enough to never take pictures of me that year.

  • Claire

    I used to think I was really cool wearing top to toe denim. Yes the jacket and jeans and the handmade denim handbag. So tragic, why did anyone not tell me?

  • in high school, i had this terrible fascination with old mens’ clothes. i’d go to thrift stores and buy checkered polyester pants, golf sweaters and terrible acid green and burnt orange shirts. i thought i was so rockin’.

  • Donna Warrington

    I had a giant pair of glasses, they were blue, why didn’t anyone tell me they were so silly looking…when I look back on pictures, I can’t believe what I looked like, smiling and all with big giant blue glasses.


  • Michelle

    Wearing the clothing my grandmother sent me as a kid. She was colorblind. :(

  • Michelle

    wearing sparkling and bright colors shirts and tights

  • Kim

    I had a sweater with neon green on black. The pattern in neon green was of the Hollywood sign, I believe, behind a city scape. The terrible thing was my friend had the same sweater but in neon pink – some days we would coordinate to wear them together and match!

  • Jules

    Oh man. There are sadly too many to count! I’d say the purchase of UFO pants in 9th grade was one that was pretty bad. Yep, my little preppy self thought that going grunge in over-sized pants would be the way to go. SO pleased I’ve moved past that! :)

  • My least fashionable moment was to purchase a shirt that I thought was ‘in’ style. A little baggier in the front, not so snug. My sister came up to me in front of my family and said, are you pregnant? That looks like a shirt from a maternity store.

  • Lisa Todd

    May.tree.ark makes the best bags – all of them!! I have watched her site for almost a year, and one day i will own one of her marvels. My least fashionable moment – really moments – all those days i had super big hair and needed just about a can of hair spray a week to keep it up there!

  • bella

    for me when I was in high school. and I was wearing bright neon leggings and parring with bright make up. i cant look at my pics before coz i start laughing at it. hahah lol

  • I’m embarrassed to say, I was the proud owner of Hammer pants. Not the sparkly kind, but cotton, purple, and yes.. they had wide, black elastic around the ankles and waist. To make this horrific ensemble even worse, I had a matching long sleeve shirt that was black and purple STRIPES. I think this was around 5th grade (late 80′s). The best part was my long, crinkly permed blonde hair with teased/hair sprayed bangs. What was I thinking?! ;)

  • First Day of School for grade 5 I wanted to wear Flowered pants, with horizontal striped leggings, and a verticle stripped shirt to school. My mom took a picture of me, and then made me change.

  • Libby

    I was 10ish. I had short hair and a tail….yes, a tail. And my favorite outfit was a pair of black biker shorts that said Italian Boys Club down the leg that I would pair with layered tank tops. I don’t know what ever posessed me to think that was a good look. It’s pretty ironic that I turned out to be such a girly girl after that tomboy stint.

  • Dani

    I am in need of a sleek hipshack, as my current bag is so large I actually recently found a full-size tube of toothpaste, 2 toothbrushes, bottle of moisturizer, pair of underwear…the list goes on….. Aside from carrying around a large bag full of personal hygiene products ready to explode at any given moment, I have sported crimped hair, the wave of bangs backcombed and encrusted in hairspray, the mushroom cut with a shaved neck dyed bleach blonde, and a very, very short perm. These styles, combined with my spandex leggings (black and 3/4 metallic tourquoise), slouch socks, high top runners and half top with the words,”Lets get physical”, should give you an idea of my fashion sense:)

  • I had a beehive hairdo, with a ditsy little bow plunked right in the front, thick black eyeliner, white (yes white) lipstick. Okay, it was 1965, but still!

  • In the 1980′s, I bought a pair of red satin jeans and wore it with a plaid shirt that had fringe and would go out dancing in it. Thank goodness there were no digital cameras back then.

    frugalmdmom at comcast dot net

  • dam

    In highschool…I wore these bight highlighter blue pants with a red shirt and this pink feather thing in my hair…and regular sneakers lol

  • In 1988, I lost my mind and cut my hair into the asymetrial bob (short in back and long in front). Unfortunately no one stopped me and it took 2 years to grown out properly! Yikes!

  • Let’s see, there’s so many poor fashion choices…. frumpy sweaters, too-tight shirts or pants, or wearing a straight, light pink cotton dress yesterday… (oops).
    Seriously, the pack looks really sharp. Don’t even think about calling it a ‘fanny’ pack. I hate that name!

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