DIY with Blik Wall Graphics

After we mentioned Ash’s nursery redesign, we got a number of requests for images of said nursery; and because we’re obliging monsters, we, well, obliged. Below are images of the room that Ash & Kimmy dreamed up for baby Sunny, and that James helped Ash execute. And many thanks to Blik Wall Graphics for inspiring the design, and offering a $40 gift certificate paired with the nursery unveil to all of our monster readers.

When we first began dreaming up the space, we gravitated toward cow spots as a grounding image. HAVE WE MENTIONED THAT WE LOVE COWS?! And since infants can only perceive black and white, we thought it was a perfectly acceptable animal on which to base the room design. The theme grew from there, and when Ash laid eyes on Blik Wall Graphics, specifically Fail and Insomnia, she was in black and white barn animal heaven. A magical place, if we do say so.

To create the room, James installed chair molding which was painted black so that we could split the room with oversized cow spots on the lower wall, and a “piglet pink” on the upper portion. The wall graphics were then installed, and Ash accessorized like mad with handmade window treatments, a handmade cow spot quilt, a wooden flying cow mobile, a pink latex cow purchased at a store on Sunset Boulevard whose slogan is “For Rocker Moms, Not Soccer Moms,”  and a round white crib paired with a tutu of Kimmy’s. After Sunny was born, we even created a black and white photo gallery of images from her birth day. We may have gone a tad bananas, but that space was everything we dreamed it would be, and then some! Best of all, it was done by hand, by us, with minimal expense. THANK YOU, BLIK!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Blik Wall Graphics is giving away a $40 Gift Certificate good for any of their rad decals. This is sure to jump start your own DIY home redesign! To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite barn yard animal. Yeah, we loves cows, but pigs come in a fairly close second.

For more of the back story to the nursery design, head on over to Ash’s personal blog.

Photo: Courtesy of Green Eyed Monster®

33 comments to DIY with Blik Wall Graphics

  • ReganJ

    um…i am fully a city girl…so i am a fan of any barn animal that is clean and caged…lol!!! i am big ole’ girl when it comes to farm animals…i will pet them at the petting zoo but that is it…lol!

  • Lauren

    I think horses are so beautiful!

  • Sheep rule! I’m somewhat biased since my husband’s grandma still has her herd of sheep.

  • Kara

    I love me a donkey! Especially when they are really little. Llamas are a close second.

  • Jenny

    I absolutely love love love cows. They are just my favorite animal in general besides being my favorite farm animal. My room contains somewhat of a cow theme as well……haha love it!!

  • Emily

    I LOVE this room. So adorable yet sophisticated. Well done team Cart!

    As a fellow Eph I’d have to go with cows, especially of the purple variety, as my favorite animal but I also have a soft spot for chickens.

  • karen

    cows – especially brown swiss with their sweet sad eyes!

    i’m planning my firstborn’s nursery right now (due in february) and have both the sheep and “fail” cows saved on the blik site as top choices – i’d love to win the $40 giftcard!!!

  • Tina

    If i had to pet an actual animal, i’d go with a cow. For cartoons, I think I like the way chickens look. :)

  • Steven Moran

    My favourite animal would probably be a pig. I’ve always imagined that it’d be really neat to have one of those small pigs as a pet… It would never work in my condo… But a guy can dream. Also, I think they’re smarter than dogs or something, no? (I’m pretty sure The Oatmeal taught me that…)

    The room looks nice, congrats on the successful execution.

  • Jen

    Ever since Babe, I’m a big fan of both pigs and sheep! Adorable nursery. I used Blik for both my kids’ rooms too!

  • I love baby goats!!

    The room is beautiful. I love the tutu over the crib and the picture grouping above the bed. It is very cheery and bright!!

  • What a beautiful nursery! I love it! My favorite barnyard animal would have to be sheep.

  • Kelsey

    I love this!! I work with kids and need to get some cute decorations in my office. Saw this linked on Twitter :)

    As far as barn animals, I would have to say a barn cat to catch the mice. I am, after all, a devoted cat lover hehehe

  • Leah

    Piglets are perfect, but I’m going to have to go with goats as my favorite farmyard friend. They make such yummy milk & cheese!

  • Horses have always been my favorite!

  • Horses…because they’re awesome.

    The nursery is gorgeous! That is one lucky baby.

  • Anna L

    cows. I may not love them for the same reason you folks do, but I do adore their big ‘ole eyes!

  • Heidi

    Baa baa black (and white sheep)! Fluffy puffy sheep!

  • Rebecca

    Goats (I raise them) and horses (equestrian)! Plus, goats are significantly smarter than sheep :)

  • Clarissa

    Goats for sure! I love to “talk” to them. We go back and forth with a series of BEHHHHHHH :)

  • Anne Marie

    Love cows and this room is fantastic.

  • I like sheep the best! The room turned out great! So cute!

  • Meghan

    I have always admired the Blik collection – how wonderfully you incorporated it into your daughter’s room – total inspiration! If I could have a wall decal of any barn-yard animal, it would have to be a llama!

  • Leah B

    What a timely topic I’m replying to. I just finished reading youre peice on Sol LeWitt, but couldn’t find a way to leave a comment on your other blog. What can I say? I’m not so tech savvy, but that is not the point. My husband I and I live in DC an our nursery was inspired by Sol LeWitt’s wall drawing #681 C. I particularly liked your comment “everyone can “own” a LeWitt by understanding the concept. His practice is accessible in a way that empowers everyone to take up the hand of the artist and create these deceptively simple yet stunning wall drawings.”
    We did exactly hat. We created three 4ft x 4 ft paintings; one horiztal, one angled, and one that looks like a pin wheel. From these three paintings our nursery grew

  • I personally like flying pigs. I know that they are not true farm animals, but they are great! After that, I would say I like cats. After all, what farm would be complete without a cat?

  • I love goats. I have always wanted a goat and someday I will get one. Along with a donkey. And some chickens. (When I was younger, I told everyone I was going to run away from home, live on a mountain, and raise goats.)

  • Horses and goats. I have always loved riding horses as a child and goats are just wonky. My dad did have 2 pet turkeys though! They were awesome and followed him everywhere. Even went on the lake with him in a kyak.

  • Jamie

    I’m a fan of pigs. They’re clean and smart and fun to play with, if you give them a chance…almost makes me reconsider eating bacon…almost.

  • Ellie

    I love the re-stik ones for kids, especially the woodland theme. And my favorite barn yard animal is definitely the barn swallow!

  • Becky

    Blik is fantastic. I totally love their designs. As for the farm, I love horses. My grandparents lived in a very horse-friendly neighborhood, and even had some stables that they would rent out to horse owners.

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Congrats, Julie!

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