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Following Kimmy’s guest post on Etsy’s blog, Storque, it feels mighty appropriate to spotlight an Etsy seller whose designs are so clearly influenced by the sea. The jewelry by Chick’s Lab gestures to the marine world from coral earrings to bold bib necklaces showcasing ceramic fish. Each piece is made with unique jewels, leather, ceramic, fibers, beads, and more. In addition to fabulous seafaring jewels, we think this necklace is perfect for (Mama) Earth lovers.

ENVIABLE PERK: All Chick Lab’s jewelry is hand made with distinctive and eco-friendly materials.

Take a hint from Ariel’s style and harness your inner mermaid.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Chick’s Lab is giving away the Black and White Coral Necklace featured below ($50 value!). To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite marine critter. Ash is tickled by seahorses and would love to have one just curl up around her pinky finger. Kimmy wanted to be a dolphin trainer but now she is pretty hooked on cephalopods.

Photo: Courtesy of Chick’s Lab


Shop Enviably.

Why not use a bejeweled straw to sip your water?

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