DIY Paper Twine Decor, Wrapping & Jewelry

We’ve buckled down and are in full holiday mode here at Green Eyed MonsterĀ®. Kimmy’s hosting Thanksgiving, so she’s really in the zone. Ash is merely responsible for providing the pies – which she could do in her sleep thanks to her obsessive baking tendencies – whereas Kimmy’s charge is far loftier. She’s got food, drink, and most importantly, table setting on the brain.

When we spotted Paper Phine over at Craft Gawker, we were awed by the easy yet lovely touch this paper twine decor added to the table. And then we saw her Etsy shop – stocked with not only paper twine material, but totally unique and outrageous jewelry, and knew we had to rope her into Green Eyed MonsterĀ®. Below are some DIY ideas for decorating and wrapping with paper twine – plus a giveaway to make it all the more easy for you to Do-It-Yourself (We know – we’re back to 5 giveaways this week – must be all that holiday cheer!)

And here are some pretty sweet and simple ideas for wrapping your gifts this year. There’s something incredibly fantastic about brown paper wrapping with an interesting tie. We highly recommend reusing brown paper bags or newspaper as wrapping paper for your holiday gifts – then top it off with magazine gift bows or some beautiful paper twine!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Paper Phine is giving away this Superthick Paper Twine set – sure to make your holiday wrapping a delight. To enter, comment on this post and tell us about your standard wrapping technique. Ash likes to wrap her gifts in fabric wraps, aprons, cloth napkins, reusable sandwich bags or produce bags, etc. so that the wrapping itself is also a gift (and reusable). Kimmy is an expert brown paper bag accented with stickers and hair bows or other accessories kind of wrapper! We like to think that the wrapping can be as exciting, if not MORE exciting, than the goods within.

Photo: Courtesy of Paper Phine


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36 comments to DIY Paper Twine Decor, Wrapping & Jewelry

  • I usually just wrap them up in regular wrapping paper…but I really like the fabric wrap idea! I might just try that this year along with the paper bags. :)

  • I’m a painter so I wipe my brushes off on newspaper as I work and then use the newspaper to wrap presents.

  • Dulce

    I cut out pictures from old magazines that remind me of the person I’m giving to. I make a collage w/ the pictures on brown paper bags to wrap the gift. The receiver gets custom tailored gift wrap and I reuse magazines =)

  • Jules

    While wrapping paper may be a bit wasteful, I do try and use recycled wrapping paper from some place like Paper Source. I get such joy picking out the perfect combo of paper to ribbon and I have gained my mother’s skill in tying the ribbon in such a way that it’s almost impossible to open it (oops!).

  • jacque

    My husbnd is a better wrapper then me. Thanks for the idea about using an apron! Actually, I want to do something different this yr. I might use old maps or use old book pages for small gifts. Thanks!

  • Claire

    I used to wrap things up in basic store bought wrapping paper, but one of my New Years resolutions this year was to wrap with love. I’ve been using decorated butchers paper and sequins and paint and beads and ribbons and little ornaments and button, whatever I can get my hands on really!

  • I like using craft paper with stamps, but my husband likes regular wrapping paper.

    These table settings are beautiful, but my cat would be on it in a red heartbeat.

  • lola malone

    I try to use either the hard cardboard reusable gift boxes or tins for things that need a box and I like to use reusable bags, totes, or just recycled gift bags for other things. I have been thinking this year though that maybe I would take some of my fabric scraps, hem the edges, and use them in place of paper for the gifts that we will be giving here at home. that way we can just fold them neatly and reuse them next year. :) I also wanted to add that I think brown paper is one of the most beautiful gift wraps ever. I absolutely love it.

  • I use brown kraft paper or paper from brown grocery bags, and tie up with yarn, twine, or vintage/repurposed fabric ribbon (I save all the fabric ribbon bits from other gifts I receive). For smaller gifts, I like to use pages from catalogues. It’s also fun to use different tape — blue painters tape, for example, looks great on a brown paper package decorated with blue ribbon.

  • Love the newspaper with paint idea peg! I’m a painter also and my kids love to paint too. I reuse the masterpieces my kids make that we don’t display for wrapping.

  • oh my goodness—LOVE this! I wrap my gifts in brown paper with the thick itchy twine—not the cotton twine as the ribbon. I love how simple it is and would LOVE to add some color with this paper twine!

    crossing my fingers

  • Anna L

    Whatever I do, it needs to coordinate for the year. Last year it was a lovely tiffany blue paper with red ribbons and white bows…I’m thinking some basic craft paper with gold accents for this year.

  • Heather

    I like to use the comics section of the newspaper!

  • i like to get large rolls of craft paper from ikea and use lost of fun ribbons or stamp my own words and letters on the paper.

  • Julia

    I have a big roll of brown paper I use for most things, and a stash of various bits of recycled ribbon. I also sometimes use bits of tissue and decorative papers as ribbons, wraps, or tags.

  • add some decoration tie or ribbon ,flower paper form or get the sticker on it i like to save parcel or package decor in good cond. so sometimes i just use it for other wrapping :p

  • Maria

    I usually use brown paper with some pretty ribbons:)

  • Angela K

    A friend gave me a trove of glorious printed paper – vintage stuff that has somehow held up over time (a bit aged in places but it truly adds to the design). I think it’s a waste _not_ to use it, so I’ve been using that! This twine would be great for creating some quirky bows. It has a homespun feel – I love it.

  • Rowan

    I’ve done reusable shopping bags, gift bags, fabric, wrapping paper, etc., but no matter the material I want to make it BEAUTIFUL! Even an inexpensive item seems extravagant in a beautifully wrapped package! I love making handmade bows!

  • TZel

    I like reusable paper or ribbon.

  • Oksana

    I like to add some straw and net details!

  • Clarissa

    I lately have used the inside part of chips bags to wrap small gifts, and I love them. I recycle, I save some $$$, and it’s an unusual wrapping :)

  • ReganJ

    I also am a fan of the brown paper bag wrapping, been doing so for years. For bows I use twine or ribbon of some sort and then add a small Christmas decoration for the bow.

  • Chani

    I also usually use brown paper, along with natural twine, torn fabric ribbons and coffee-stained tags.

  • james

    wrapping paper is such an integral part of the present! I think this year I’ll try mixing some paper bags with newspaper on the same present. If nothing else that will trigger some green (not just the Christmas kind) thoughts this year!

  • Jess

    I usually end up mailing my gifts, so they are decorated with stickers, drawings, and paper cut-outs.

  • Jen

    I love to wrap small gifts in vintage book pages, sometimes comics from the paper and on occasion, hand colored papers by my niece. :)

    jentabulous at hotmail dot com

  • Jessica Sage

    I like wrapping gifts in sheet music that I no longer need. It makes them look interesting and is creating less waste overall : )

  • Brenda Andrews

    I use usable wrap. Like table clothes, cloth napkins, aprons, fabric.

  • I usually use regular wrapping paper, but I do try to something special on the outside, or inside as a bonus to the gift.

  • I never thrown away any paper wrappings I’ve got from my presents. Secretly scribble inside with a pencil the name of the giver so I won’t use the same paper wrappings he gave me! for a fun, open minded, green person I wrap things up in unusual pieces, like used food packaging (japanese ones are the best!) or old magazines pages. Other people might think I’m stingy.

  • I love to wrap with maps, not the old vintage ones, I just can’t do that to a beautiful old map, but one that are a few years old. If I can, I wrap the item with a map that shows where the item is from or where the person lives. People think that it’s a fun idea. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  • Katy

    I love to wrap up with newspaper and glue magazine pictures or articles on them too!

  • Mariel

    I use old colored magazines to wrap gifts for my love ones and make flowers out of it also. Glue, scotch tape, and stapler are my companions.

  • I love “brown paper packages” myself… so homey and wonderful. I like to add handmade tags and tie them up with bits of vintage trim or twine. Lovely shop, lovely blog :) Thanks for hosting a giveaway!

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Congratulations, Jess!

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