Inspiration: Holiday Shopping 2010

With only 6 weeks until Christmas, it’s officially time to get down to business with holiday shopping! Which also means that it is the perfect time for us sisters to shamelessly promote all of the amazingly talented and unique designers who fill the Green Eyed MonsterĀ® Shop with such beautiful products. We can’t stress enough the awesomeness of their work – and urge you to not only shop handmade but shop earth-friendly this holiday season with Green Eyed MonsterĀ®. Your support means the world! Check out our gift guide below for some unique ideas!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: To help us spread the word about Green Eyed MonsterĀ®, we’re giving away a $50 Gift Certificate good for anything in the shop. We know that typically our giveaways require just a fun answer to a question we pose – but we’re really trying to share the monster love, so for today we’re doing things a little differently.

1. For one entry, subscribe to our blog feed either via RSS or email and leave a comment on this post telling us what you’d like to give someone from our shop this holiday season. (If you’re already subscribed, just leave a comment for this entry!)

2. For another entry, ‘like’ our page on Facebook and then link back to this post AND our Facebook page (using @greeneyedmonst) from your Facebook profile. (If you’re already a fan, just post and link to our page on Facebook for this entry!)

3. For yet another entry, follow us on Twitter and then tweet “Shop handmade this holiday season with @greeneyedmonst . Enter to win a $50 Gift Certificate!″

4. And finally, for yet another entry, blog about this post and include a link back to it.

So that’s FOUR opportunities to win!

Remember: The giveaway is open worldwide and for 1 week – then we’ll select a winner using a random number generator and email her/him the Gift Certificate code. It’s important that you include a link back to our Facebook page and Twitter name in the sharing of the post so that we can track your entries! Our blog will alert us to any links shared if you blog about the post.)

We hope that this will help us reach even more amazing people like yourselves – so thank you in advance for all of your support and love! Now go! Shop enviably and spread the monster love!

1. Peace Bomb Bracelet, $18; 2. felted acorns, $24 ; 3. Little Pig cloth napkins, $48 ; 4. sandwich bags, $7.25 ; 5. felted soaps, $12 ; 6. glass straws, $9 ; 7. clothes pins, $5 ; 8. vegan coal soap, $10 ; 9. dryer balls, $16 ; 10. produce bags, $5
1. doggie duvet, $20 ; 2. dryer sheets, $12.75 ; 3. tea towels, $18 ; 4. produce bags, $5 ; 5. sandwich bag, $7.25 ; 6. yarn wreath, $40 ; 7. gift wrap, $12 ; 8. coffee mug, $40 ; 9. glass straws $9 ; 10. dryer balls, $16
1. scallop ring, $100 ; 2. stacking ring set, $176 ; 3. necklace scrap fabric scarf, $60 ; 4. ribbon earrings, $25 ; 5. lightening bolt apron, $60 ; 6. disk earrings, $38.50 ; 7. bag envy tote, $20 ; 8. handknit hat, $80 ; 9. scrap fabric braclets $44 ; 10. bar necklace, $93.50
1. organic baby booties, $24 ; 2. matroshkya quilt and teether, $116 ; 3. organic birch tree blanket, $53 ; 4. organic cotton elephant plush, $52 ; 5. custom kicks, $50 ; 6. green eyed monster tote, $20 ; 7. felted acorns, $24 ; 8. chalkboard bib, $22 ; 9. felt argyle booties $36 ; 10. lady bug sandwich bag, $7.25

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