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Our mother had an epic collection of silver bangle bracelets and each had a unique pattern, design, shape, or texture. She had so many that when she split them evenly between the two of us, our wrists still had plenty of jingle jangle. We also went through a huge phase of stacking water-and-glitter-filled jelly bangles on our wrists when we were kids. (Okay, Kimmy might have also rocked a stack of Silly Bandz this summer.) We have always had fun rocking a stack of bangles and Mystic Fibers‘ colorful bracelets let you mix and match galore. Mystic Fibers is also a mother daughter duo! Love it. These yarn wrapped bangles will add some cozy fun for the winter months. Stack ‘em up!

ENVIABLE PERK: Mystic Fibers yarn wrapped bangles are 100% handmade, using an original technique allowing some flex to the bangles. They do not just wrap pre-existing rigid bangles.

You don’t have to jingle jangle to bangle!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Mystic Fibers is giving away this set of 3 Yarn Wrapped Stacking Bangles. To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite color combination. Ash loves green and pink (so preppy!), while Kimmy prefers the classic look of navy blue and cream.

MONSTERBITES EXCLUSIVE: Receive 20% off your total Mystic Fibers order by using the code RC1011 in the Notes-to-Seller at checkout.

Photo: Courtesy of Mystic Fibers


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