The felting bonanza continues. Ash continues to experiment and find more reasons to felt, and Kimmy thinks that she might tackle some felting of her own (but after the Thanksgiving festivities – crafting sometimes stresses instead of zens Kimmy out). SoFino‘s rich goat’s milk soaps are felted with holiday cheer or just plain cuteness. Not only do these soaps look fabulous but they smell fabulous too – strawberry, buttercream, vanilla, ginger, verbena, and more! You literally need to get your hands on these babies.

ENVIABLE PERK: Wool is a natural antibacterial and exfoliant.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: SoFino is giving away a set of two chocolate espresso pebble soaps. To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite scent for hand soap. Ash loves calming lavender while Kimmy prefers anything citrusy.


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More felt! Felted Hanger Covers, $60

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