Inspiration: Holiday Gift Wrapping

As you know, we love decorations, and all things pretty. Gift wrapping happens to be a guilty pleasure of ours. Kimmy, being a lover of bows, is all about ribbons on her gifts – thick ribbons, thin ribbons, natural twine, shiny satin, ALL OF IT. Ash, meanwhile, spent her Saturday afternoon at a sustainable gift wrapping get together held by the Williamstown Rural Lands Foundation to inspire this year’s holiday wrapping. She enjoyed the hours spent sipping hot spiced cider, moving from one craft table to the next, surrounded by a gaggle of older women who gossiped and crafted right along side her.

Here are pictures of the Mother Nature infused adornments Ash created, along with a Pinterest board of some of our favorite ways to reuse materials and turn them into unique and striking gift wrap! Any left over paper, from magazines, to newspaper, to brown paper bags, to maps, to music sheets, to sewing patterns, make for excellent wrapping paper. Stamp, sew or add some bauables to jazz up any of these basic materials. Remember, if done well, the wrapping can be as delightful as the gift itself.

For inspiration and links to all products/images, check out our Pinterest Board – Sustainable Gift Wrapping.


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