be present: Month 2

If you don’t like us on Facebook (which you really should, because we sure like you!), you may have missed our announcement that Ash is pregnant with her second child. We’ve taken to calling her/him The Sesame Seed, as that was the size s/he was when Ash learned she was pregnant. Pretty incredible! Ash has a personal blog where she writes about the crazy realities of motherhood and navigating this new identity. For the next 9 months, she’s teamed up with a local Berkshire photographer, Kate Drew Miller, to document the pregnancy and the epic growth of her belly. The absolutely delightful company, be present, is sponsoring the clothing that Ash will be wearing in her shoots. It’s clothing for the yoga lifestyle, which means clothing that is comfortable, accommodating, and flexible. All attributes one craves, especially when pregnant. You can follow the personal journey and documentation over at Blog a la Cart. And here, in conjunction with the monthly shoots, we’ll be hosting giveaways of be present clothing. Yes! You too get to reap the rewards of this partnership!

Month 2 kicked off with ultimate comfort (Month 1 was documented prior to pairing up with be present), and Ash donned the Slit Neck Tree Tee in Petal Pink, which is arguably her most comfortable, cozy, and now favorite piece of clothing.  It’s made from Tencel® which is an eco-friendly, biodegradable, soft fabric produced from wood pulp. See? We knew you earth-friendly monsters would love this clothing! The extra-long sleeve length is truly Ash’s favorite part of the shirt. She’s a sucker for generous sleeves. And the pants are the Long Versatility Pant in Chocolate. She’s does love a good pink and brown combo (see her wedding colors for proof). The pants are made from be present’s trade mark Breathe Weave material which is a lightweight, woven fabric with stretch that dries quickly. The perfect yoga pant. Or lounge pant. Or run-some-errands-pant. Versatile is definitely an apt descriptor.

Long-Sleeve Slit Neck Tree Tee and Long Versatility Pant by be present

And hey, this company’s name, be present, are words that we should all live by, no?

be present is giving away the super awesome Long Sleeve Slit Neck Tree Tee ($55 value) that Ash is wearing in the photos above. You can submit multiple entries to this giveaway, to increase your chances of winning! For one entry, comment on this post and tell us one of your favorite mantras. Ash is definitely adhering to the saying “be present” (fitting, we know) while Kimmy has always lived by the words, “Dance dance dance!” For another entry, head on over to Facebook and ‘like’ be present. Then post about this giveaway on your Facebook wall, linking to their fan page. For yet another entry, follow be present on Twitter and then tweet about the giveaway mentioning @bepresentinc in the tweet. And for a final entry, subscribe to the be present newsletter.


Photos: Courtesy of Kate Drew Miller Photography
Clothes: Courtesy of be present

To follow the more personal side of this series, visit the posts here.

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