Artifact Bags

Exactly one year ago today we launched Monster Bites with our first feature and giveaway from an independent, handmade designer. Needless to say, quite a bit has happened in one year. Most notably, our readership has grown and just last week we had 15,000 visitors in one day. Whew! Our Facebook page went from 27 likes to 600+, and our Twitter followers grew from 8 to 2,000+.  And we went from an average of 10 comments per post to 100+ comments per post. We even got some luvin’ on some fairly notable blogs. You all make it possible, so many many thanks for reading along! We hope this second year will be even better than last!

Today we bring you yet another independent, sustainable designer to add to your wish list, Artifact Bags. This shop captures what we’re all about here at Green Eyed Monster: Beautiful, sustainable design. Each bag is expertly crafted for heavy use that will look even better with age. They can be reused time and time again, and their classic style, subtle colors, and generous shape make them the most versatile accessory. Positively drool-worthy, no?

ENVIABLE PERK: Super durable bags and reusable lunch totes hand made with waxed canvas.

Happy Blogiversary, indeed!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Artifact Bags is giving away a No 105 Tote of your choosing ($125 value!). To enter, comment on this post and tell us how you would or have celebrate(d) an anniversary (you decide what kind). We’re celebrating by popping some bubbly, which we find suitable for every kind of anniversary. Ash will be sipping Sparkling Apple Cider because of the Sesame Seed, but a fancy champagne flute can make even juice festive!

Photo: Courtesy of Artifact Bags

232 comments to Artifact Bags

  • ReganJ

    I would love to celebrate our Anniversary by going to some exotic island…we got married in Antigua so I would love trying out another island for our Anniversary…we are saving Antigua for our 10th…

  • We celebrate our anniversaries by going away for the weekend, usually to Disney world or universal studios. Just take time to enjoy ourselves as a couple and act like kids again! (while our kids are with nana)

  • Stacey

    Congrats on your success! I like to celebrate the anniversary of the start of my job, which I love, by reflecting and setting new goals.

  • Helen

    We go out to dinner and spend the night out! Nothing too fancy, I guess.

  • we go to park or lake and have a barbeque.

  • Amy

    I’d love to visit a B&B and antique shop in new england.Warm Blessings!~Amy

  • Laura

    I am getting married in a month and am SO looking forward to many future anniversaries. If I had to pick a way to celebrate, I’d check into a hotel downtown in our own city and play tourist for the weekend!

  • Linda Meyers-Gabbard

    This year September 10th will be 6 years. Wow it seems like yesterday. But anyway. We were going to renew on our 5th but It just didn’t happen. If all goes well we will this year.

  • va

    i would celebrate with a healthy sparkling cider or some sparkling juice drink since i don’t drink alcohol .

    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  • Kate

    Kicking it old school with the yearly mix tapes (okay, CDs).

  • Our anniversary is on July 4th so the whole country celebrates!

  • Carmilla

    I would celebrate with a lot of chocolate, my best friend company and silly movies

  • evamarie

    Every year, my brother and I celebrate my parent’s wedding anniversary by taking them to a nice restaurant. We toast with gin martinis! It’s a very special family dinner with just the four of us and memories to last a lifetime. Thank you!

  • Barrie

    Congrats!! My last anniversary celebration included cupcakes and champagne – it did the trick :)

  • i’d celebrate with margaritas, preferably on a porch in the sunshine with the man i love. maybe queso would be involved, too. :)

  • Robyn

    Any day with cupcakes is a celebration! Especially when they’re homemade :-)

  • Wendy

    My husband and I are celebrating our anniversary with an amazing picnic lunch date, followed by a local brewery tour. I would LOVE to have a 105 Bag (in dark khaki) to carry my free Growler of yummy Aviator beer home!

    Cheers, and Happy Anniversary!

  • I would readily celebrate anything by going shopping and having pizza!

  • Wow! Beautiful bags! We celebrate by going to dinner at a restaurant we love that is right on the lake. (& usually a fancy dessert!)

  • Katie


    I think the best way to celebrate any kind of anniversary is with a “something old, something new”. Do something similar to the event you’re celebrating to remember the good ol’ times, but try something new to make a new memory!

  • Sarah

    We went to wine country in California. What’s better than that? We even got 2 free bottles of wine in recognition of our anniversary! This bag would have made me WAY trendier.

  • This past year, my girlfriend and I celebrated our three year anniversary in Vegas. We had an amazing time, delicious food, and lots of fun just being tourists and walking inside all of the hotels. I think that’s the best way to celebrate an anniversary – by going on a trip to a place that neither of you have ever been to. You get to experience something brand new together. <3

  • Kacey

    I love to celebrate things outside, so whatever anniversary I happen to be celebrating would need to be during the Spring/Summer/Fall. I think it would be lovely to have a picnic by the lake. Something quaint and romantic.

  • Tracy

    My husband and I go to Wild Play – for every sort of celabration/anniversary Wild Play is the best place sort of a jungle gym in the sky for grown ups LOL. It is great fun and we leave exhillarted and closer to each other and ready to have a big lunch ;)

  • I celebrated 5 years of marriage to my amazing wife last December… we spent the night in a hotel in Huntington Beach and then drove up to Disneyland to eat dinner inside the Pirates of the Caribbean! How cool is that?

  • We just celebrated our 7th anniversary with a fantastic Italian dinner, proseco for toasting, and of course – CHOCOLATE!

  • I would love to celebrate my next anniversary in a hot tub with my husband, really anywhere! And champagne wouldn’t hurt either, and Indian food!

  • Nellie

    I’m about to buy my first house so I can’t wait to behind celebrating it’s anniversaries! I figure a special piece if art or a redesign would be much appreciated by my new humble abode. Do excited to give it it’s welcoming party!

  • Jules

    LOVE these bags! And Happy Blogiversary!! I don’t have too many anniversaries to celebrate, but in preparation for my 5th Reunion next year, I’ve already started thinking about the wonderful champagne toasts and the calming feeling that comes from being surrounded by amazing friends. Sounds like the perfect anniversary to me :)

  • We celebrate anniversaries by going away overnight somewhere… nothing fancy, just the two of us. And then one little commemorative purchase to look at and remind us of our time away.
    Congrats on your fabulous first year!!!

  • In a little cabin at a northern lake before the busy summer season. Lovely.

    Lovely bags!!

  • I love to celebrate by going out to a nice dinner at my fav cafe!
    Also – Congrats!!!

  • lmfny

    we celebrate our anniversary with train travel. Even Amtrak can be romantic if you get a little sleeper car and enjoy the scenery going by! The Western US routes are a favorite, as is the Adirondack line.

  • Courtney

    With Kir Royales and cheese, as every celebration should be!

  • Anna L

    I delight in getting fancied up and going out for a night! (for any kind of aniversary)

  • The BF and I like to stay in and cook, watch a movie, and have a fun dessert!

  • Julie B

    congrats, I love your blog and how easy it is to enter the giveaways. I am hoping to win something wonderful some day.
    for any anniversary, I enjoy dinner out and always something with chocolate.

  • Cortney

    Congrats ladies! And a great set of bags to celebrate!
    Recently I have enjoyed making cupcakes that somehow relate to the event. While I don’t celebrate many anniversaries specifically, I suppose the following examples could be morphed for those kinds of occasions. Reunion with a friend who loves earl grey tea? Earl Grey cupcakes with lemon butter cream. Birthday of a person who was born on Valentine’s Day? Red Velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. The combos and possibilities are endless!

  • Leah C

    I enjoy getting all dressed up and trying a new restaurant that I’ve never been too. Particularly a fancy one.

  • Marisa

    Congrats on the one year! So happy for you ladies! Love you both so much!!

    P.S. Anniversary = hotel room for a night with room service

  • Lauren

    Champagne and chocolate covered strawberries. Yum!

  • DevyPoo

    those bags are absolutely drool-worthy. holy cow! i like to celebrate with a (big) glass of malbec and some homemade cookies. congrats on the anniversary. so happy for you both!

  • Birgit

    All I’M saying is Chocolate CReam Cake! Perfect for any kind of anniversary and also kids friendly ;-) !

  • Lovely bag! When I get married I would love to celebrate my wedding anniversaries by going away on a small vacations with my husband!

  • I’ve celebrated countless anniversaries, but the best one to date would be the day I moved out of my parents’ house, and in with my BF that I’ve been with for 4 years. ♥

    Congrats on the blog-versary! The purse is lovely and a must have for this future law student! :-]

  • Colleen

    My husband and I always do a weekend trip somewhere different every year! its always so much fun! thanks for the wonderful giveaway.

  • I am celebrating my 2 years braces aversary by getting them off! Haha!

  • For the first anniversary of my husband’s and my small business we went to Chili’s. Haha. Because, come on, “Chili’s is the new golf course. It’s where business happens.”

  • Must include lots of champagne! A trip is always nice and you can never go wrong wieth chocolate!!

    I love this bag.. I could tote a lot of chocolate and champagne in it.

  • Marija

    A mini roadtrip complete with picnics is a great way to celebrate an anniversary!

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  • Aidan

    A quiet night in with the dogs and a well-cooked steak.

  • Sophia

    at the 12th it’s my 5 year anniversary with my boyfriend. we are planning to go to the place we had our first kiss and have our 5th first date!

  • Kelly

    Oysters, champagne and high thread count sheets!

  • lcouture

    Congratulations! For our first anniversary (the paper anniversary) I’m putting together a scrapbook of all the letters we’ve written to each other and I’m going to add it to the journal of love letters that we’re writing during our first year.

  • G

    With food. Like: 4-star restaurant.

  • Maureen

    We went out of town to a favorite location and had a few days to ourselves and went sightseeing and to some wonderful restaurants.
    It was our 2nd anniversary as for our 1st anniversary I had just gotten out of the hospital and we were not able to celebrate in the manner we had hoped.

  • Amanda

    Rent a cabin in Gatlinburg, TN…enjoying each other and the fresh mountain air : )

  • if i was about to celebrate with my boyfriend i would go a usual morning walk with him, drink hot coffee on hand and then eat on our favorite irish pub in Athens, then take another walk or maybe visit a strange unique shop with him…
    at the end of the day stay at home with him ,some popcorns and a nice movie…some wine and sweet dreams :)
    you can always do those separately but not in the same day and night :)

    a00ame00a at hotmail dot com

  • Deirdre

    My husband and I just celebrated our third wedding anniversary with a brunch date at our favorite restaurant in NYC, a stop at the Belgian waffle food truck for dessert, and a walk through the park. With our second child on the way, it was low-key, but really sweet.

  • Amber G

    My brother and I helped our parents celebrate their 25th anniversary by recreating their first date!!

  • Alyson

    Good food and good wine

  • Maja

    I like simple annyversaries, like chocolate mousse and lots of cuddling and affection.

  • Caitlin

    Some sort of excellent bottle should be uncorked / popped for this anniversary. that’s my vote.

  • Emily

    Having a night to ourselves. No distractions.

  • Naomi

    Jay and I met at the Hardly, Strictly Bluegrass Festival in San Francisco at Golden Gate Park two years ago this past October, so this fall we made it back for a second go-round and danced and kissed in all the places where we first danced and kissed when we met. The music was different and it was raining instead of perpetual sunshine, but just as fun.

  • For our 10th wedding anniversary (last November), my husband and I wrote down 100 memories and put them in a jar. We plan to read them again on our 20th, and add 100 more!

  • Celebrate with friends, lots of conversation, Laughing and warmth.

  • Nora

    I’m getting married in July…so it will be awhile until our anniversary. :) But, I hope we celebrate with a weekend getaway!

  • Wehaf

    I love a weekend getaway at a B&B to celebrate a big romantic anniversary!

  • angela

    I love love love this bag! My sister and I are planning a anniversary trip for our parents

  • Michelle

    I know a couple who – every year on their anniversary – go to a store (CVS, Walgreens etc.) and meet in the card section. They spend some time picking out the absolute perfect card for each other. Then, in the middle of the store … they exchange their perfect card choices and take a little time to savor the moment! After this, they leave (without buying the cards). This couple has been together for many, many moons and is content living happily ever after together. For some reason I find this down-right adorable. I think its WAY sweeter than giving a card the way “normal” folks do.

    I would be totally happy celebrating an anniversary with a sweet and silly tradition like this one :)

  • I absolutely love it. I might even be drooling. *gah*
    On the anniversary of my birth, while all my friends are out with their honeys celebrating V-day (a ridiculous excuse to splurge, in my humble opinion), me and my honey take all the blankets, pillows, bedding we can find and make a pallet in the floor. And then we stay up really, really late watching movies and cuddling with the doggins. It’s superb.

  • A great way to celebrate is putting on your favorite music and sipping some cider!

  • lola malone

    happy anniversary! hubby adn i usually celebrate with a dinner out.

  • LOVE this bag! It would be so perfect for a working student like myself! Big enough for all my girl items as well as books and a laptop! And love the key feature as I always lose my keys!
    For my man’s 30th anniversary of his birth I am throwing him a surprise birthday party at his favorite brewery (he himself is a brewer) and he knows nothing about it. I’m hoping it will be amazing and quite special…if I can stay organized and quiet about the details!

  • My 10th wedding anniversary is this May and I’m crossing my fingers for a long weekend spent somewhere warm…using this fabulous tote to carry all my travel goodies! ;)

  • JennMarie

    My boyf and I’s 2 year anniversary! We’re celebrating by going to see Laurie Anderson Speak and getting a lush dinner!

  • eva

    I celebrated the anniversary of making it through the quarter by sitting down at my favorite cafe and getting a tall latte. And I don’t take it to-go. And I don’t take out my laptop, I just sit there, and relax.

  • Joni D.

    I would celebrate an anniversary by going to a carnival.
    tarheelgalwv32 @ hotmail dot com

  • jacqueline v

    Champagne and/or good food is the best way to celebrate any anniversary because it’s always appropriate :) Thats how I celebrated my first wedding anniversary!

  • Callie

    We’re celebrating 7 years of dating this upcoming week and we’re going to slip away two hours to spend the night at the beach.

  • leah

    I’m all for a tall glass of bubbles and a bowl of lush strawberries…
    Congratulations x

  • Beth

    I am celebrating my anniversary by going dog sledding with my significant other. writingthestars at hotmail dot com

  • Lilly

    A romantic dinner, chocolate and a good wine.
    Thanks a lot for the chance.

  • ms(dot)verymarried(at)gmail(dot)com

    i love celebrating all types of anniversaries by going out and doing something new and interesting. nothing like making new memories!

  • I would hit up the restaurant The Melting Pot because it’s an amazing fondue place that’s a bit pricey (so you can’t go all the time) but it’s amazinggg.

  • I would like to celebrate my anniversary without my kids. I would want to stay in and enjoy a few drinks and order food for home.

  • Kyle

    Love the blog, love the bag!
    I consider my birthday the anniversary of when I met my favorite people–my family! I like to spend it laughing over a delicious meal with my faves.

  • Lisa

    Oooohh to celebrate an anniversary I would consult my list of things I want to do in the new year and do one of them. Nothing like celebrating taking a risk by doing something new or even taking another risk!

    And most importantly, Congratulations to you on your year mark!

  • Vee

    classic red wine, candles, small cozy dinner at home :)

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  • Amy

    Loving that bag!! I’m a big fan of celebrating with some bubbly as well and surrounding myself with those I love. Lots of hugs would be involved.

  • Hmm – By boyfriend and I were together for 5 years back in November – We don’t really celebrate anniversaries, but we spent a snuggly night on the couch together, which is more than I could have ever hoped for :)

  • Niki

    Hmmm – our first anniversary we just spend the whole day together talking, playing games, cooking, reading the 365 reasons I loved him which i posted on a 365 notes and pasted on the floor in the shape of a giant heart :)

  • Heidi

    A home cooked meal and lots of time spent together :)

  • Becky

    These bags are GORGEOUS! I’m celebrating the 1 year anniversary of finishing my MBA with starting a new Master’s degree – made it through a whole year without school!

  • Lynn

    My bf and I celebrated our 1 year anniversary with a quiet dinner at home — just the two of us!

  • Jenny

    Cook and epic dinner together, do some dancing and relax and enjoy each others company. We both love food so cooking would be great. One time I cooked him dinner, tomato tart, pasta and yummy chocolate souffle!

  • Mary B

    If I had an anniversary to celebrate, I like the idea of just playing some media with significance for the event – a song, a movie, etc.


  • kristen

    we celebrate by grilling good cuts of steak & veggies, homemade bread, a bottle of red wine…and endless yahtzee games!

  • Anne

    The way my boyfriend and i spent out last couple of dating anniversaries have been pretty simple. Great food, tons of cuddling, and exchanging sweet meaningful tokens of affection (letters, gifts, etc.).

  • Ruri

    Warm blanket, couch, coffee, and a good movie!

  • Katie

    My husband and I are planning on going downtown and spending the night at one of the big fancy hotels. It will be like a second honeymoon. Can’t wait.

  • Helen

    We celebrated our 6 month wedding anniversary by cuddling up in a blizzard with our favorite drinks and a movie!

  • Lindi

    We celebrated our one-year anniversary of dating by taking a weekend to go camping, which we love.

  • Sara R.

    I have to agree- a little bubbly is exactly what is in order for any celebration!

  • Eugenie

    We celebrated by cooking up a gourmet meal together.

  • Howell

    We went out to dinner and then attended a dance performance.

  • Schoolgirl

    Going to a blues concert with my boyfriend, having some drinks and a lot of love :)

    abstufftobuy at gmail dot com

  • kristine

    Me and my bf will going to watch football because I’ve never seen it live. I’m so thrilled.

    krizkarishna at yahoo dot com

  • my anniversary is january 1st so my husband and i always welcome it with a celebration–bubbly, confetti, and a new year…there’s no other way! thanks for the chance to win!

  • Erin

    I love to celebrate anniversaries by simply spending time together without putting pressure on the day to be perfect! A pizza and some beers do me just fine!


  • I love simple anniversaries: a couple of sandwiches, two bottles of water, a comfortable pair of shoes… ready for an outdoor trip to the mountains :)
    This tote bag is adorable! <3

  • My husband and I celebrate going out to dinner

  • carrie

    Our oldest son was born 5 days old before our 2nd anniversary. I had just come home from the hospital 2 days before and was not up to celebrating. But watching my husband take care of our new baby and how he doted on me made me realize that how special true love is. I also learned that a ‘big night out’ could never compare with a night in with our little family. This year my son turns 18 and we will celebrate 20 happy years!!

  • Patricia White

    I love to celebrate with my husband of 16 years by going to a nice sit down dinner at our favorite restuarant, German. :)

  • We celebrated our anniversary by adopting a puppy from the local shelter. Now we get to celebrate a “getting home” anniversary with her!

  • Sandy

    Just yesterday we celebrated my friend Matt being sober for two years! We baked him a cake and spent time sharing our favorite memories from the past two years with him that we probably would not have otherwise.

  • Michelle C

    I think some quiet time at home is a great way to celebrate!
    Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  • Chelsea

    we celebrate everday as an anniversary with a whole lot of love.

  • We always celebrate our anniversary at home with a meal we cook together. It is perfect!

  • Jamaica

    bubbly all the time!

  • Angie

    My hubs and I just celebrated number 16(yipee) and he surprised me with a weekend trip to Hot Springs for a B&B stay and shopping! We had a fabulous time! I love surprises like that!

  • Or favorite way to celebrate is a blanket, a picnic and a spot you can see nothing man made.

  • We are going to Italy to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary!

  • When we celebrate our next Crywolf milestone anniversary, we will have a huge bash which will include bubbles, cupcakes, dancing, wolf masks, giveaways, balloons, and all things carefree and fun.

  • Paola

    I am celebrating the anniversary of me quitting smoking this March 21st (3 years!!!!) with going on a hike.
    I smoked for 13 years and leaving it has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do. It continues to be a struggle on occasional days but it was one of the best decisions of my life. It gave me the ability to breathe. It gave me the power to be able to go on a hike and not feel as if I was going to pass out. It cleared up my skin and let me enjoy food on a different level.

  • My boyfriend and I celebrated our anniversary by visiting the Palos Verdes cliff face where we had our first date. It is actually a very steep path that you can take down to this hidden cove, and I’m terrified of heights, so I thought he was taking me there to kill me! But once you get down the path, the tide pools make the sweat worth it. The incoming tide also is a great motivator to hightail it back up the cliff face and get on home :-)

  • Tara

    Kind of cheesy bit I don’t really like to celebrate,other than to reminisce about the good times and hope for more to come.

  • Congrats on your blog birthday! Here’s to more success.

    I’m actually celebrating my 3rd year of my marriage in Japan in March! It’s also my 30th birthday that month, so it’s a big celebration of life. I’d LOVE to carry this with me in the streets of Japan and they look great for travel. Thanks!

  • Damaris

    Pretty bags!

    i would like to celebrate an anniversary by going to a woodsy place and having a picnic =)

  • Anne

    I would celebrate with a day of not having to do anything. Have someone cook us all our meals, relax by the pool, maybe even a massage finishing the day off with a romantic walk and of course and big bottle of bubbly!

  • We are coming up on number 9 this year! Holy smokes. We usually call the grandparents to sit with the kids while we enjoy a nice expensive dinner out, and lament how much we wish the kids were with us. (They’re really cute!)

  • On our first anniversary together (we’d known each other for 7 years prior to dating), we went to Benihana because it was once a classy restaurant and we were inspired because of an episode of The Office. When we got there, dressed all cute, we were appalled that it had become a poo-hole and was filled with screaming children, overpriced sub-par food, and was very loud. We left and went home and I started to cry because I’d thought he was going to propose to me. So then he took me for a walk to a bridge near our apartment and proposed. He was planning to do it at dinner but it was just a terrible environment in which to do so.

    So that’s how we celebrated our anniversary. :) And now we have been married almost 3 years!

  • Annie X

    My boyfriend and i have been in a long distance relationship forever! we were able to celebrate it our anniversary together last year and spent it with our favorites: strawbeery cheesecake, beer, and tons of conversations. like the ones we always have over the phone but this time, it was next to each other.

  • I would probably treat myself to a some online shopping for just about any occasion!

  • Kat

    I am in love with that bag. And to celebrate an anniversary, does a girl need anything but some good chocolate?

  • Laura

    Cheese and wine, the perfect way to celebrate! (Too bad I’m pregnant right now though and can’t celebrate with the latter. :)

  • Ryan

    I’ve found that the best celebration for any anniversary is revisiting your steps the year(s) prior – looking back on where you were at the time, what you felt at the time, all you hoped for at the time…and reminiscing in the glow of success!

  • Sophie

    Any anniversary is an occasion to try a new sushi restaurant!!

  • Shannon

    My husband and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary with a cruise with our children and renewing our vows on the beach!! I can’t wait


  • Heather

    We aren’t big into celebrations, so we usually just have a date night for our anniversary. A movie and dinner.

  • Elizabeth Turner

    My anniversaries have all been sweet, but I would love to travel for a future anniversary, to England, or France, or Italy!!! Leave baby boy with the Grandma’s and get outta Dodge! :)

    elizabethglassturner (at) gmail (dot) com

  • katie

    i would celebrate with a romantic dinner and dancing

  • Our anniversaries tend to be low key affairs, but hubs always gets me the chocolates he won me over with. YUM!

  • JennMarie

    Oh birthdays! My room mates and I make cupcakes and play apples to apples with our favorite friends!

  • Heather

    Cake! Cake is perfect for all occasions.

  • Amy

    I want to celebrate my next anniversary with my fella by getting a chalet in the mountains.

    …or a cheesy room at the Wildwood Inn Tropical Dome and Theme Suites in Florence, KY. We took an Oddball America roadtrip early in our relationship and stayed here in a cave room, and it was freaking awesome.

  • Cathy

    How about a heart shaped pizza! Yum! Yum!

  • Nury

    I like celebrating our wedding anniversary by going out to have a nice dinner! :)

  • Katherine Hysmith

    Hope to celebrate our anniversary by climbing Enchanted Rock, going to the Fredericksburg Brewery and finishing it all off with a bike ride back home in Austin.

  • Amanda Jones

    October 30, 2010.
    Amanda Nicole Jones and Alex David Eveland, we are celebrating out 5th year anniversary just a special day for us. We went on adventures all down town, we went to a new vintage shoppe that opened, Its time to have a Beautiful dinner, OUR favourite restaurant, we talk in the candle light, we hold hands across the table, he rubs my fingers. We dine, LOVE it, after it is time for my “gift” and surprise of the night, but not quite we go to out favourite tea shoppe and we enjoy nice warm tea. as we walk outside MY DREAMS come true a horse and carriage ride! how exciting he set it up perfect! we go around downtown under the twinkling lights and talk and drink and LOVE each other. the carriage leaves the road and goes up into the park. The lovely man asks if we would like to take pictures? so we get out and SMILE!! after that he puts his arms around me and says ” you know how I always say i wanna marry you? Yeah! and you always say well see ;) ! Well? drops to one knee, WILL YOU MARRY ME? ahhhhh are you serious, YES I LOVE YOU, change facebook to we are no longer dating! pause……. WE ARE ENGAGED!!! comment comment comment. I LOVE YOU ALEX DAVID!!!

  • Linda Kish

    I like to spend special occasions by going to the zoo because I love animals.
    Kinda crazy??

    lkish77123 at gmail dot com

  • toni

    My boyfriend and I are going on a Caribbean cruise to celebrate our two year anniversary. :)

  • Candice M

    Planning to celebrate our (my s/o and my) third year anniversary together in March recreating our first date, strolling through San Francisco and having a delicious Korean dinner.

  • first, these are GORGEOUS bags!
    my hubs and i will be celebrating our 5th wedding anniversary this fall. i’d love to go back to pismo beach where we spent the first few nights of our honeymoon and just chill out for a few days. romantic, nostalgic, and relaxing.

  • Basia Marie

    I like the dark khaki, very versatile. For my favorite anniversary, we went to the park and had a very fancy, six-course meal… it was a VERY cold day, so we were bundled up in blankets and looked like hungry little fools! It was a great time though!
    -Basia :)

  • Amanda D.

    We’ll be spending ours scouting out a piece of land to begin building a self sustaining tiny home/cabin. Wouldn’t have it any other way, it’s been a dream for both of us for a long time.

  • I am sorry, the celbration will take place cleaning my refrigerator… but afterwards!!! Aah!

  • Mona

    I’d like to celebrate an anniversary on the beach. I just love the sea.

  • Tiffany

    My 10 year wedding anniversary is in May. The family is going to DisneyWorld. The tote would come in handy on the trip for sure! [fingers crossed to win it]

  • Thifa

    I’ll be celebrating my birthday in Brazil soon!

  • Peggy

    My husband and I celebrated our 21st wedding anniversary in September by touring the Houma House Plantation built in 1770. We had a five course meal at Latil’s Landing located on site and then toured the gardens. It was very romantic and I’m looking forward to touring another plantation home come this anniversary!

  • We just go to a nice dinner each year for ours.

    Amazing giveaway and bags!


    yellowhallstudio at gmail dot com

  • Emily

    I will be celebrating my 26th anniversary of being alive in a few weeks. Hopefully bubbly will flow like water and that I’ll be celebrating getting a “big kid” job as well, with all of my favorite people. We just had a blizzard of sorts so night time sledding may be a featured activity!

  • hmm no anniversary coming up, but if it were, i’d have a ridiculously delicious meal filled with many libations!

  • I’m hoping to celebrate the 3rd anniversary of being with my guy by having enough money saved up between the both of us that we can start looking for a house to buy together :)

  • Kia Kehrer

    We are celebrating our 9yrs by taking a nice weekend trip to Chicago! It would be nice to get away and relax. And to also see the place where we met!

  • Tony

    We try to celebrate by going to Big Sur for a couple days, but in truth our anniversay normally just receives a tip of the hat and an extra kiss. And in a way, that’s all I need.

  • Tony

    We try to celebrate by going to Big Sur for a couple days, but in truth our anniversary normally just receives a tip of the hat and an extra kiss. And in a way, that’s all I need.

  • Gabe

    I would first take my wife on a small hike leading to our local lookout overlooking historic downtown Franklin. There is a large, flat clearing in the trees that I would set up a picnic. We would have one blanket to lay on, and one to lay under for keeping warm for stargazing after the meal. For an extra treat, I would bring my laptop and we would watch her favorite romantic movie under the stars, the Count of Monte Cristo. Then to top it off, I would play our wedding video and remind her of all the reasons that I fell in love with her.

  • Heather H.

    Maybe going for a hike at our favorite place. Just spending time together.
    jswandrn at gmail

  • Oksana

    I absolutely support your idea about a fancy champagne flute!!! I adore that!!!

    Thank you for the chance!


  • For my one year wedding anniversary coming up, I would love to treat my wife to the honeymoon we couldn’t have. Money didn’t allow us to go away and I’d like to stock pile enough dough to bring her to a place she’s never been and God willing I’d like to celebrate each year by doing the same.

  • Sharon

    Anniversaries are celebrated with a quiet moment together. And some bubbly. :)

  • Celebrations require mimosas, a great feast, and a LOT of pictures!

  • I’ll be celebrating my one year blog anniversary with a giveaway of my own! Speaking of giveaways – this one is stellar! What beaauuuutiful bags! Thanks so much for the opportunity. :)

  • miri

    I use anniversaries and time markers to look back and see what happened last year (things look different in retrospect).

  • Valerie

    I would celebrate an anniversary surrounded by family and friends! :-)

  • Dana

    First, I’d like to say those bags are STUNNING!
    Secondly, today is my one year engagement anniversary and I think we might celebrate with some afternoon delight ;) haha and then we’ve got a friend’s birthday party to attend tonight, but tomorrow I think we’ll spend the day together at the beach and just enjoy each other’s company before going out for a casual dinner.

  • well, i am coming up on my 3 year anniversary of my lasik eye surgery and i was hoping to celebrate my finding the perfect pair of sunglasses to frame my lasered eyeballs!

  • Emily

    Certainly a glass of champagne; but always, a good meal, complete with a decadent desert!

  • Kim

    I’d love to celebrate our 1 year wedding anniversary on the beach….with a fruity cocktail and a beautiful sunset!!

  • Molly

    A wonderful meal shared with my loved one on our wedding anniversary – with champagne!!!

  • Victoria

    I’d celebrate an anniversary surrounded by loved ones!!!


  • Rose

    I usually like to celebrate with a fun dinner that we made together. ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  • nik

    When we first got together we were financially challenged, so instead of going out to dinner, we’d treat ourselves to takeout garlic breadsticks from our favorite Italian restaurant. Every anniversary we have, we do the same thing. It reminds us about where we came from and the simple things we enjoy about life and each other.

  • We celebrated our first anniversary by renting a little cottage in the mountains! It was delightful and peaceful.

    allibob1 at

  • Taronger

    I used to celebrate my birthday in a restaurant, having a good dinner with my husband

  • rush

    we are taking a trip to NYC for our anniversary. we are in a long distance relationship at the moment so we try to make the most of the time we have together. we are going to watch the book of mormon on broadway after getting a little tipsy over a home cooked dinner

  • I’d celebrate with a rental car, road map, and free weekend with my hubby.

    homemakerhoney at gmail dot com

  • Veronica

    Gosh this bag is GORGEOUS!
    I recently celebrated a 12th anniversary since moving to the United States with my mom by cooking an authentic Russian meal for her to come back to after a 15-hour shift at the hospital. We feel so grateful to be here.

  • Irina

    I live a simple life and find joy from the littlest things. Any anniversary celebration for me is one spent at home with my family.

  • Sarah

    We’re usually on a plane flying home after the holidays but this year I had a romantic day full of work. :-) We did go out to dinner later though, so it wasn’t all bad.

  • today my baby girl is 13 weeks old- we are celebrating by poppin milk bottles & taking cat naps!

  • I like to celebrate with a great dinner (italian) and a movie at the local theater and then finish it up with “chilling” with my kids
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • My husband and I celebrate anniversaries with Ben & Jerry’s :)

  • Stephanie

    I live in TX… and we don’t really have snow here. My anniversary is in October, so I would try and go somewhere that has lots of snow to celebrate!

  • Amy

    Lots of love, sweets and smiles :)
    Thank you for the great giveaway

  • We saved for three years, and came by our 10th Wedding Anniversary, we went to Japan! It surely felt special because we had to reduce costs in everything! But it was simply magical! Walking in Kyoto’s Philosopher Path was indeed appreciated! It truly is a life experience at it’s best!

  • Halaulani

    Celebrate with a romantic night in.

  • pearl

    will celebrate anniversary by going to a highland church where my man has proposed for us to be steady :) have a “green” dinner at a nearby restau where they serve salads and everything healthy. so excited just by thinking about it.

  • Mandee

    I will celebrate my first wedding ann this year with a vacation.

  • I celebrated my blog anniversary with a big giveaway for my readers.

    These bags are gorgeous and great product shots too!

    Thanks for yet another amazing giveaway!

  • Ashley

    Going on any type of vacation is good. Preferably out of the United States.

  • violet

    i like to celebrate any anniversary by going on a trip.if its a less important anniversary i go and visit a near by city,if its big anniversary, i go abroad. of course, with my soul mate

  • Amy

    February 14th, my husband and I will celebrate our tenth valentine’s day together–and our daughter’s fifth birthday. :) It will probably include pizza and a movie w/ our daughter. I’ll be getting five white roses (one for each of our daughter’s years thus far), and a dozen pink roses b/c that’s what he’s always done for me. Still working on his gift…

  • Kim

    I like to celebrate my anniversary with a nice low-key dinner.

  • Well, coming this May, my husband and I are going to be celebrating our first year married together! I am soo excited and working on my gift to him, the first year is paper! But we do plan on a nice time, one thought is to go back to the location we got married(which has a beautiful restaurant) and have dinner. Its a famous place in Raleigh, NC, The Angus Barn! We were married at the Pavilions. But the other thought is to stay here, and have a romantic picnic on the beach. We just moved to Jacksonville Florida, and we love to have a good meal. So I am very excited, and hope for many more ; ) Love this giveaway, I am in love with bags! I just wish I had more!!! May the best gal win!

  • Amy

    I will soon be celebrating the 12th anniversary of my 29th birthday. I worked with a great lady who referred to her birthdays this way and as I have begun to creep up in age, I discovered why. Plus, I love the fact that it makes people think. I will celebrate with a home cooked meal and a cake that should be titled “Death by Chocolate”.

  • Jill

    whether it be anniversaries or birthdays, we love to celebrate with a yummy pot of cheesy fondue and lots of dippers. and, of course, some champagne (for me) and beer (for him).
    happy anniversary – and thanks for the great giveaway. :)

  • Michael Burdick

    (another) trip to Scotland!

  • I love celebrating with trips to new places!!

  • Serg

    I celebrated anniversary with a short getaway to puerto Vallarta, MX . We went to the rooftop sun deck and watch the sun go down into the sea.

  • WHAT a beautiful tote! My favorite way to celebrate would be to take a nice trip somewhere.. doesn’t have to be a holiday or so, can just be one night in a tent in the middle of the forest: just something fun and different :)

  • MelissaO

    We celebrate our wedding anniversary by taking a long weekend at a different place each year. This year I think it’s Montreal, or perhaps Maine. Which incidentally, this tote would be perfect for packing my clothes in!

    wolverina401 at gmail dot com

  • Lily

    I would celebrate an anniversary by having a nice day out – picnic, walk down the beach, etc

  • Lindsay Fields

    My husband and I celebrate a couple anniversaries, but it’s always the same thing. A nice dinner and a movie. Time for the two of us to reflect on the year. I wouldn’t change it for the world.

  • my boyfriend and I are celebrating our five year anniversary together by going to the Bahamas and having an amazing trip with just hte two of us.

  • Amber Porter

    celebrating a anniversary to me would to go out to dinner and a beer

  • I would celebrate an anniversary with my boyfriend by doing something low key! A nice dinner then cuddling up and watching a romantic comedy!

  • jc

    Breakfast in bed would do nicely. Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  • Champagne and chocolate, always :)

  • janet

    i celebrate by chatting & dining with friends until the resto kicks us out!

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Congrats, Dana!

  • Allison

    A wonderful home cooked meal and a relaxing evening!

  • limehut

    A glass of wine in a fancy glass

  • bork

    I would celebrate the bagiversary of winning an Artifact bag with a romantic dinner, as pictured below:

  • Laura Densley

    I want to take my husband to argentina. We didnt get an official honeymoon so I thought that would be pretty suitable.

  • question

    Has this draw taken place? Who won?

  • question

    wait nvm, dana. i should have looked more carefully.

  • Sara jean

    I’d celebrate my one year anniversary with my husband, by carrying this AMAZING bag fully stocked with fresh baked dutch bread, some gouda, a bottle of champagne and bikini to the beach!

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