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So Ash is married to a man who hunts. Fortunately, not creatures of the furry variety but rather the feathered, but it trips us out nonetheless. In James’ defense, we then eat any bird  meat he hunts throughout the winter, so nothing goes to waste. And it’s pretty awesome that Ash’s retriever, Ursa, can be put to work in the way that she was bred to do. Hanna, the super mutt, is not so productive out in the field, but dang does she enjoy a good romp. Exercise for all!

Anyway! Why are we talking about hunting?! Well, because the fabulous Cat, of BrideBLU Jewelry, is completely enamored with vintage jewelry and she is equally obsessed with the “hunt” for treasures in vintage shops, antique malls, flea markets, etc. We have to admit, we much prefer her style of hunting to James’. You won’t catch either of us out in the field with James, but you could totally find us nosing around a sweet antique shop or two. Cat’s Etsy shop is a hybrid of handmade and vintage jewelry that is romantic, simple, and clean. We love the found objects like keys and pennies, the sparkly gemstones, and the funky shapes. There’s nothing like the thrill of the hunt, eh?

ENVIABLE PERK: A shop packed with vintage finds. Swoon!

On the hunt… for vintage!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: BrideBLU Jewelry is giving away an item of your choosing (yep, anything you want from her shop!). To enter, comment on this post and tell us what you are on the hunt for. Ash is currently searching for the perfect pair of maternity jeans. Kimmy is hunting for the perfect shade of red lipstick, she still has yet to find her match.

Photo: Courtesy of BrideBLU

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