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So Pi(e) Day was Monday, but we were waiting until today’s feature to mention the occasion.

What is Pi(e) Day, you ask? Why only the most brilliant day dedicated to yes, the mathematical constant, ?, AND the pastry constant, pie! Well, in our world it’s dedicated to both. Monday was March 14, i.e. 3.14, the beginnings of the number ?. Where we attended college, the math department marked the occasion by serving up homemade pies while two math professors debated ? vs. e. It’s terribly nerdy and terribly delicious.

What does that have to do with today’s jewelry designer, Karla Wheeler Design? Well, one of our most favorite pieces of hers is indeed her Pi Cuff that is etched with the first 480 numbers of ?. This is sure to bring out the inner geeks in us all! All of her cuff jewelry is pretty dang nifty and clever, like the Custom Binary Cuff where you can have the saying of your choice translated into binary code. And the colored resin jewelry also tickles our fancy (yes, we just said “tickles our fancy,” and meant it). It’s just such a delightful way to add a pop of color to your jewelry ensemble!

ENVIABLE PERK: All Karla Wheeler Design jewelry is made by hand with pretty pops of color!

Get your geek on!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Karla Wheeler is giving away a $50 gift certificate. To enter, comment on this post and tell us what words you’d want translated into binary code. Ash would choose, “Be you. Do you.” Kimmy would opt for, “Pray for surf.”

Photo: Courtesy of Karla Wheeler
Available: http://www.etsy.com/shop/KarlaWheelerDesign

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