Inspiration: Spring Equinox

There’s this Pinterest board we’ve been developing for awhile titled Dreamscape. It’s a series of photographs of women in rather ethereal, whimsical, often times quirky, dream-like compositions. And we dig ‘em. Like a hole. The mood of the photos, their carefree, alluring nature, draws us in, and we can’t help but want to be the very woman in the image. They’ve kept our spirits up through the winter, and now that spring has sprung (woo hoo, Spring Equinox!) and we’re beginning to feel our own bursts of light, we thought we’d share some of our favorites here. Enjoy!

Apparently, we have a thing for balloons and water and sleep. Not together, but independently. See?

Photo by Lissy Elle


Photo by Maia Flore

Photo by Michael Casker


Photo by Alan Chan


Styling by Shona Heath

As always, credits to all images available via our Pinterest board: Dreamscape

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