Upper Metal Class

Who doesn’t love cool jewelry? And who doesn’t love a good pun?? Well folks, with Upper Metal Class you get both! The shop is full of sleek, modern designs in silver and bronze. Dainty stud earrings and necklaces come in a myriad of geometric shapes. As if you needed a reason to think this shop was any cooler, but 100% of the profits from the I LOVE JAPAN bracelet series will be donated to the ANIMAL REFUGE KANSAI: TOHOKU-PACIFIC QUAKE ANIMALS. Given that we’re life long dog lovers/owners, we more than highly approve and applaud this effort!

ENVIABLE PERK: T uses windmill powered electricity to run her energy when working on the jewelry.

How lovely that you don’t have to be upper-middle class to wear Upper Metal Class!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Upper Metal Class is giving one very lucky winner the pairing of the Sunset Rocks Earrings AND the ImPerfect Faceted Necklace, both in bronze (nearly a $100 value)! To enter, comment on this post and tell us what is ImPERFECT about you. Ash has a double ear lobe on her left ear that reminds her of her uniqueness. Kimmy has an epic scar on her thumb from slicing it open with a swiss army knife one summer.

Photo: Courtesy of Upper Metal Class
Available: http://www.etsy.com/shop/uppermetalclass

146 comments to Upper Metal Class

  • Kaitlin

    a freckle on my thumb

  • Love Upper Metal Class!

    I have a heart shaped birthmark on the back of my left knee. I get asked all the time if it’s a tattoo.

  • Jen

    My family and I looooooove Upper Metal Class! Thanks for this great giveaway :) As for my ImPERFECT trait, I have lots of orange flecks in my green eyes- It’s definitely different!

  • One of my eyes is a little bit more closed that the other ……

  • va

    to be not verbal enough .
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  • Christina Hatton

    Where should I start? I have freckles, my right ear is higher than my left ear, my teeth aren’t straight and I’m human so I have many of these “imperfections”. But I see them as unique characteristics: )

  • The nails on my pinky toes are really tiny. Freaky, huh?!

  • Janet

    I have a chickenpox scar on my forehead just above my left eyebrow.

  • Jules

    When I was 2, I had a birthmark by my right eye removed. They used stitches that fade instead of ones that are removed. I’ll always have a scar and I love that little piece of me that makes me just a bit unique. Plus when I was younger, I used to make up stories as to why I had a scar on my face! :)

  • I have a wisdom molar half grown out! I wanted to have it removed but then thought of letting it be as it did make me feel a bit different :P

  • Meg

    scars on my feet from extra bones taken out of my feet

  • Kacey Lyn

    My imperfection (one of them at least) is that one foot is bigger than the other. Most people have this, but there is basically a half-size difference between the two.

  • I’m almost deaf in my right ear.

  • imPerfect? I was born without wisdom teeth! That might have been a blessing, but still different…

    ashy_lu05 at yahoo dot com

  • ReganJ

    Ummm…my large backside that my 3rd child was so gracious to give me…

  • April P

    I have a scar on my eyebrow that I’ve had since I was three. It’s funny b/c the eyebrow won’t grow on it! >_<

  • Julie B

    I have very thick calves!

  • I have a crescent moon and star shaped scar on my big toe from a scrape with a screen door when I was two and a matching set of scars on the top of my hand from a broken glass incident when I was 20.

  • Cortney

    Haha, the list is too long! But my fave “imperfection” is the gap in my teeth. Gotta love a signature smile. :)
    Beautiful jewelry!

  • Kelsey

    one side of my hair is twice as thick as the other :) so my right side of my head is way thinner :) Weird right? I kinda like it! BECAUSE it makes me DIFFERENT :)

  • Nora Waite

    A funny “imperfection”, which I definitely think of as human and not imperfect:
    One of my shoulders is lower than the other, so when I wear horizontally striped shirts (which I do because they are great!), they look funny and crooked! Cheers to the monster and the metal!

  • Hmmm, let me think about that … my memory is slightly, uhm, imperfect ;-) !

  • My top front two teeth are pretty imperfect from an accident when I was younger. Spinning around to make yourself dizzy can be very dangerous!

  • Oh Lord. So, so very many things. My lungs suck. My knees suck. My baby fat never went away. My teeth are crooked. That’s just to START!

  • love love upper metal class!

    my left thigh is bigger than my right one. i’ve been told i’m the only one that can notice this but seriously its true.

    fingers crossed ;)

  • Nellie

    Interesting that most imperfections are about our image instead of self. Mine would be my penchant to lean towards selfishness. Definitely working on it though!

  • Alicia B.

    Very cute earngs and necklace! Imperfect knees, hard to run which I would love too. Imperfect moods! Imperfect body and teeth. Oh man I could go on and on…oh well!

  • V

    My vision is faaaaaar from perfect!

  • Irina

    I always thought my eyes were too close to each other for the width of my face because no pair of eyeglasses seems to fit right! Haha.

  • Stacy

    3 babies = stretch marks!

  • ninajoleisa

    My eyes are different sizes. My left eye is smaller than my right.

    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  • Tracy

    All of my toes are smaller than my big toe – it looks REALLY bad in sandles so I go all summer in shoes that cover them up LOL, and avoid toe nail polish like the plaque because it would make someone look at them – my toes are TINY!!!! my youngest daughter would seem to have the same thing now as well poor lovie!

  • Ohhh I love T and Upper Metal Class! Well, I’ve developed a rather annoying clicking of the jaw when I’m eating, so that’s just one of my imperfections lol.

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • I love that necklace!! Beautiful!

    Imperfections? Oh geez… At one point, I would have said my face full of freckles, but I’ve grown to love them.

  • I had back surgery when I was 12 for scoliosis. I still have a crooked spine, & now I have a neck-to-tailbone scar to go with!

    I’ve long loved Upper Metal Class. The pun drew me in & the awesome stuff has kept me enthralled.

  • Becca S.

    I have “sticky outty ears” LOL Yes, my ears are much like that of Prince Charles :) BUT, I have learned to love them and accept that they make me unique and I love that!!!

  • Imperfect figure, but I’m learning to love it.

  • Carrie Brown

    I LOVE this jewelry! What is ImPERFECT about me? I have a scar on my wrist from a flaming pop tart. It got stuck in the toaster and when I got it out, the hot frosting dripped onto my wrist and now I have 2 tiny scars there.

  • Leah C

    I have a small chip in my front tooth…luckily the part that chipped was off the backside so you can’t really tell without getting up close and personal.

  • Mary

    I have a bit of a bump on my nose, and it looks like a goose beak, if you look at my profile!

  • I have a scar on the top of my head where a TV was dropped on me when I was little. [not on purpose!]

  • Emily

    My nose has a dent in it.

  • Gina

    I have a freckle right on my forehead, it makes me unique

  • I have one blue eye and one green eye…Love the jewelry in this shop!!
    Thanks for the giveaway

  • I have this scar at the back because I accidentally scratched it against the faucet when I was taking a bath.

  • One leg is shorter than the other, I have a scar above the left eye and one below the right eye….needless to say I was a tom boy as a child !

  • i have a scar from my thyroid cancer

  • Amber

    I have a jagged scar on my knee from a wicked fall from high school hurdling back in my track days. I love it though and it’s totally a battle scar!

  • I have scoliosis.

    Thank you for this opportunity! Gorgeous jewelry!

  • I got 5 stitches on my chin from when I fell from rollerblading when I was 12.

  • Lilly

    I have a little mole on my left knee.
    Thanks for the chance.

  • Oh! I love their stuff!!!
    My imperfection is all my broken bones that never healed properly!!! My arm has a weird wiggle to it, my one foot is wider than the other, my fingers all bend in weird ways, and my pinky toes look like jelly beans, they’ve been broken so many times!
    My email address is nicole at knitnicoleknit dot com

  • dreamy

    i have a S-shaped scar on my chest which i think looks kinda cool lol… free body art haha

  • I have a big surgery scar/keloid at my back which prohibit me of wearing backless

  • i have scars and freckles like everyone else – so funny that so many of our imperfections are so common. which make them not imperfections but just normal. :-)

  • Catie Curran

    I would say my freckles are imperfect but I don’t think they are.

  • Kim

    I have one eye that is noticeably smaller than the other LOL.

  • Jel

    acnes and scars? hated them but cant do anything about it, so be it :)

  • Alexandra

    Imperfect about me? Hmm.. my anxious habits!

  • jessica edwards

    my gap in my front teeth, its small, but with so many friends whove had braces….

  • Sara R.

    I have the most disproportionate toes!

  • MELLO!

    I had my birthmark removed, but now I have an EPIC scar that I say I got from a freak skydiving accident ;)

  • Even though I work out 5 days a week, I have a jiggly belly with stretch marks on it…my son was totally worth it though!

  • G

    I have a quite large birth mark in my back, the area is lighter than my natural skin tone. For years, I though about using it as “canvas” for a tattoo but I finally settled on calling it my natural tattoo :)

  • Keiko

    My left pinky finger has four lines on it instead of three. But my right has the normal three lines, along with the rest of my fingers. Actually, the palms of my hands have a lot more creases and lines on them then most people. I like it though, because my father’s hands look the same. It’s pretty much my one physical trait that the both of us share.

  • I have a scar in my forefront since I was a baby.

  • The one of the most imperfect part of my is .. my nose. It’s too big and very strange. But I learn how to live with it, it’s not so hard, because I love my lips.

    kasia433 at onet.eu

  • When I was a chils I lost one of my nails, now this nail have a diferent form and the finger have a diferent form too…

  • I have a scar on the downside of my… foot. I got it when I was like five and was running around my grandmothers backyard, barefoot, and I stepped on a bee. And I immediately did a “surgery” on my own foot (and I was still five!) to cut the sting out. And it left me an ugly scar. But thank God it’s not visible most of the time ;)

  • renee

    i have a scar on my right foot from a cheery pie i drop on it when taking it out of the oven rengold69@yahoo.com

  • Paola

    My nose is crooked one side is higher than the other. it’s from my childhood fascination with sucking my thumb. Then to make it worse I broke it when I was a teenager.

  • Ana Belén

    One imperfection is that I have an eye tic!

  • I have a scar on my forehead from when I was 2!

  • I have a scar under my left eyebrow that is the result of an energy at a McDonald’s PlayPlace injury when I was 3 years old … the funny thing is – my litter sister has a scar in the *exact same place* too – that is the result of an injury she had when she as 3 years old from jumping on our parents’ bed. (we like to joke that we are “scar sisters”)

  • Saro

    My left front tooth crosses over my right one slightly. One of my high school classmates told me that I had Gollum teeth….

  • Lyudmila

    I have malocclusion of teeths

  • Marija

    I have a big ol’ scar on my forehead from tipping over a display full of breakables and having multiple glass items fall on me.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  • Dee

    Despite years of braces, the gap between my two front teeth has re-emerged.

  • cristina c.

    I have tons of imperfections but on top of my list is my health. I was born with metabolic disease with embarrassing symptoms.


  • I have a 6 inch scar on my right forearm from a fall I took back in 1999, and a small scar on my right wrist and scars on my right shoulder from surgery-basically, my right arm is not a pretty sight :(

  • My most recent is a burn mark on my inner arm from my iron…I love to sew but am clumsy.


  • my attitude is imPERFECT

  • Ugh. I hate to think of my imperfections!!! :D My main pet peeve is my horrid complexion and birth mark on my bicep. :)


  • Casey

    Oh, I eat a lot so I’m fat.

  • Vee

    I have a faint birth mark-like area on my cheek. I’m used to it

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  • Wehaf

    One of my eyes is slightly larger than the other. I kind of like it!

  • aj

    I have a scar on my chin from a bathtub fall I took when I was 5 years old.

  • zoe

    Amazing giveaway! i just adore upper metal class so so much. Something that is ImPERFECT about me is my eyes, one is slightly higher, But i love peoples imperfections to me it makes the perfect.


  • Erin

    I have a scar on my bellybutton from a botched piercing- ouch!

  • Oksana

    I have some beautifull in my mind :-) spot on my leg!
    It makes me feel unique!

    Thank you for the chance!


  • Heidi Devereaux

    My ears are uneven so it makes it really hard to wear glasses because they always look crooked! I guess if that is my biggest problem I don’t have it so bad!

  • Lauren

    I have really really small teeth!

  • I have a scar on my hand from my childhood pet, my rabbit Midnight, biting me! But it brings back childhood memories!

  • Hofken

    One imPERFECT thing about me are my bad eyes – nearsighted


  • Meg B

    One leg longer than the other….and one foot larger!

  • Addison

    I have a scar on my middle finger on my left hand from a plastic knife from Taco Bell when I was about 4 years old.

  • My sesamoid bones are quite prominent, which makes my feet’s thumbs more prehensile, like monkeys :D
    I also have a little blue mole on my right shoulder, I still believe I got punched with a blue pen when I was a child

  • Claire Ryder

    My little toes don’t touch the ground!

  • an unusual pattern of freckles scattered amongst my face. just recently i stopped camouflaging them with makeup and accepting them as a part of me.

    jess =]

  • Pam R

    I have a large scar on my right elbow from burning myself on the stove glass as a child. At the time, it was on my lower arm but has moved up as I’ve grown.

  • Ps. I LOVE your necklaces, this one in particular! I hearted a few on Etsy!

    Sticks and/No Stones Necklace Series No. 1

    Jess =]

  • I have a twin sister who is not as smart as me!

    Just joking, I have plenty of other imperfections like my right pinky finger which is missing a tendon and won’t bend.

    Love your store! :)

  • miggie

    I have poor eyesight and a lot of stretch marks on my backside because I used to be really fat when I was a kid.

  • Bex C

    I have lots of scars that have good stories. One on the back of my right hand from when I was learning to weld and dropped a blob of hot metal on myself… my appendectomy scars are pretty cool, the one on my belly button makes a “perfect” zig zag pattern… there’s a dent in my forehead from where I cracked my head on the ground as a kid… I’m somewhat accident prone, but I wouldn’t trade any of them!

  • Candice M

    Oh man, I have so many imperfections.. but I just got a recent one in the chem lab, trying to put a rubber stopper on a glass funnel. Long story short, I now have a bumpy scar on my right hand from where the broken funnel stabbed into it. Owie!

  • I have a scar on my lip from an accident when I was 12. I always wear my seatbelt now!

  • I’m imperfect I have a Geographic tongue

  • domestic diva

    I frequently bumble my words, but manage to get my meaning across.

  • I have a scar in the middle of my forehead from slipping on a gravel road when I was a kid. And stretch marks.

  • violet

    i have a tone of burn marks from work.

  • Elaine R

    My so-called beauty spot (mole) beside my nose.

  • Jennifer P

    Imperfect on the outside…my eyebrows need to match better. I can’t get them to look the same!
    Imperfect of the inside…I am too impatient many times.

  • I have a long scar on the back of my leg that I got climbing over a fence as a teenager (nothing illegal I swear!), I’m always interested to hear the stories behind people’s scars :)

  • Bat

    I’m loving the scar…. its adorable!!

  • Batool Jafri

    I’m loving the scar…. its adorable!!

  • daisymay

    Love this question! I have a star shaped birthmark on the inside edge of my hand that I have had all my life! Although it doesnt remind me I am unique because my daddy has a birthmark in exactly the same place! It’s our little sign!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home

  • Frances

    I have a scar on my left knee from when I tripped in a barn and landed on a nail when I was eight.

  • I have a 5 inch scar running from the top of my knee down my calf from 4 knee surgeries in my basketball days. And I also have a double-jointed right thumb!

    Imperfection is Beauty. :)

  • Kate T

    I have a scar in my left eyebrow from when I was wee and fell against my parents’ bed. Apparently I started the tradition of all my family’s children having a similar scar in the same area from falling against/on different household furniture. I also have a burn mark under my right arm from practicing aerial silks. I love it because it’s a reminder to myself that I can go out and do amazing things I never thought I’d have the chance to do. :)

  • Heather

    My 2nd toe is longer than my big toe, but only my right foot. On my left foot they are the same size.

  • i never had to deal with the embarrassment/discomfort of braces when i was younger- i have a space between my front teeth to prove it!

  • I have a larger scar on my neck from having a lymph node removed at 2 years old!

  • I have a bumpy scar on my right leg, right outside of my knee from high school varsity club initiations when they made us roll around on a rocky track. I used to HATE IT! But now I’m cool with it. Upper Metal Class ROCKS!

  • jacqueline v

    the middle toe on my right foot it shorter than the two around it

  • Kasie

    I have a scar on my upper lip that I got when I fell off a McDonalds Playground Merry-Go-Round. It’s still really prevalent and I got it when I was 3.


  • rose

    I feel like there are some funny stories that go along with some of these scars :) I am not a very patient person, and I’m really trying hard not to be, but it’s taking so long! Love all of the beautiful jewelry! ambrerose at(aol) dot(com)

  • Carolyn McIntyre

    I have so many imperfections… nothing is proportionate on my body and I am very hairy. My arms are just ridiculous. I think one of my eyes is browner than the other one, too. Sigh. That’s okay though! I hope I win! Carolyn McIntyre! Samandcarolyn1@aol.com

  • Brittney Minor

    My toes are not straight and are referred to as stubby by my husband!

  • Alessia

    Uh, I have to lose weight…yes I have!:)

  • Ada

    I have a child’s size hands, but people seem to like them. I have a finger slightly deformed at the right hand from playing (aggressively!) basketball when a kid…and my cranium is not perfectly round :) Another childhood accident.

  • I have very small feet for my age and my height is too short too. T.T

  • Aik

    Something ImPERFECT about me is that my left ear has a pixie-like shape to it.

  • Ashley

    I have a big scar on my right knee from falling off the bike when I was younger.

  • Rowan

    I have scars on both knees from having both of my ACLs replaced ( 2 separate injuries 10 years apart) after tearing them playing softball. I am reminded every summer when I have to put sunscreen on them to keep them from turning purple! Every scar is an adventure, a story that has made me who I am. Wouldn’t trade one for the world! :)

  • My right eye doesn’t open as wide as my left, and there is a scar directly above it. It happened when I was two. My mother and I were in a car wreck and my head hit the windshield (during the days before seat belts & airbags). On occasion a little sliver of glass will surface and I have to pick it out with tweezers. Ha!

    I also have a birthmark that starts at the hairline on the back of my neck and turns into a streak of white hair. My family always referred to it as my mean streak. ;)

  • LisaT

    Oh boy, is anything perfect on anybody except for recapped teeth? If I had to pick out a single item I’d go with my nose.

  • Soy Pea

    Haha! My imperfection is a scar on the middle of my left eyebrow. I got it when I was a child – my older sister pushed my head into the vcr console. It’s made my eyebrow grow differently than the left one ever since. I have a pet peeve of having my brows look perfect now…and I manicure them constantly.

  • Jolee

    Very cool! Thanks. Goodness, there is much that is imperfect about me. I still break out like a school girl, although I’m almost 40. :)

  • A small scar on my chin/neck from.. falling out of bed? Actually no one knows exactly what happened, I just woke up with it one day..

  • JennMarie

    I have a birthmark the shape of texas on my butt!

  • Stephanie Klemm

    I have a scar on my face from a cat when I was real little.

  • Lots of scars on the legs and fingers from using a knife at a young age

  • Nan Allison

    when something is really funny…. i snort a little when i laugh.

  • shadab

    my teeth are not in a nice line..some are just too shy to come in a line

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Congratulations, Wehaf!

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