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Ash visited Kimmy on Cape Cod this weekend. The weather gods smiled upon us and offered up sun instead of rain so that we were able to sit on the beach and catch some May rays! It was so nice to dig our toes in the sand and enjoy a completely empty beach (yay for the Cape pre-tourist season!). The beach has always been a favorite place of ours and we love Dear June Shop‘s description: “Inspired by the month of summer, long beaches of golden sand, turquoise sea waters, the blues and pinks of the sky and that unceasing salty breeze. Dear June is the fusion of my love for soft, light and almost airy fabrics, weightless feathers and the sea.” Dear June’s beautiful hand dyed cotton scarves seem like the perfect summer accessory in a lovely beachy color palette. We cannot decide which shade is our favorite! And we cannot wait for summer nights when a light, airy wrap is all you need to keep you warm.

ENIVABLE PERK: All Dear June Shop scarves are handmade and hand dyed to order.

Be inspired by the sea.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Dear June Shop is giving away a storm scarf. To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite kind of storm. Ash will never forget the fire storms in LA, brought on by the Santa Ana winds. Kimmy thinks blizzards are kinda fun (as long as you have plenty of food and don’t lose power!). For another entry, like Dear June and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook and post about the giveaway, tagging both pages in your post!

Photo: Courtesy of Dear June Shop

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  • Jenn O

    Pacific rain storms that you can watch come in from the west coast of Vancouver Island. They seem to approach forever and then are suddenly upon you stirring up rain, wind and sand. They are amazing.

  • Kaitlin

    3 yr-old says “NO”! storm. As frustrating as it is for the victims of these storms it’s incredibly humbling to see a little person assert him/herself. An incredible feat of mother nature to watch a human become an individual. And as much power as an F3 tornado…

  • Thunderstorms are so spectacular and beautiful – tbough scary!

  • Jules

    AHHH! I so want one of these for my trip to Israel!! This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. BAH :) Normally I’d just say that I love an intense summer thunder shower, but after this winter, I may have to go with thundersnow. I’d much prefer the summer shower as the winter one means that we’ve got way more snow than we know what to do with. BUT it was pretty spectacular to see a lightening storm during a blizzard – truly beautiful.

  • Katie

    I love those quick summer storms that include a sudden downpour + thunder, all while the sun is still shining. :)

  • va

    rain storm is nice . not too much a fan of storms though…
    tumblemumbo at gmail dot com

  • Erin

    Anything with lots of thunder and lightening! The louder the better!

  • We don’t have those really bad storms in Singapore, but yeah I think Blizzards are pretty cool :D

  • Becky

    Scarves are the best!! These look so cuddly and perfect for the current weather! While I’m not a fan of rain, I do sometimes enjoy a summer storm that catches you by surprise and doesn’t necessarily ruin the outdoor fun :)

  • I love thunderstorms. They make me so calm. It is really relaxing and there’s something about lightning that fascinates me. <3

  • These scarves are so pretty, and so nicely packaged.

    I love summer thunderstorms that come out of nowhere. The quality of light is incredible, and I like when it (sometimes) cools off the hot humid air afterwards.

  • Kate

    Thunderstorms in a tent! A little scary, but a wonderful sound.

  • So beautiful-I love…that color! I love summer thunderstorms-they remind me of being a kid. :)

  • Love me some rain! We live in the desert of New Mexico…so I adore when it rains!

  • Kacey Lyn

    I love rain storms in the summer when it is still sunny out, and you can’t figure out where the rain is coming from since there aren’t any storm clouds. Definitely my favorite :)

  • sarah

    Thunderstorms are the best. Heavy rain beating on my back porch tin roof, a bit of thunder and lightening. Makes for a cozy evening.

  • Kat

    Thunderstorms are my absolute favorite! <3

  • I love those summer storms where everything starts to get really yellowy-green first, and then a big, warm downpour happens with lots of rumbly thunder and lighting. I don’t like the cracky thunder – makes the animals (and me!) too nervous.

  • Annie

    My favorite storms come from memories of the hurricanes on Cape Cod as a child. My father used to take us to Nauset Beach near our house to watch the waves.

  • kelly s

    These are so beautiful!!!

    I love winter storms. I love the comfort I find in my home with my family as we watch the storm. I always feel so thankful during our winter storms, which we have many of in wisconsin!

  • Catie Curran

    I love thunderstorms. This is, when I’ve got nothing else to do and want to sit in my room all day. The rain is so calming.

  • Anna L

    These are fantastic! I love a good blizzard, but only if I other people are stranded with me – I would get too lonely stuck in the house by myself. :)

  • Thunderstorms are my favorite…remembering one in Mexico with the lightening skipping across the ocean…awe inspiring!

  • Ashley

    I love the thunderstorms that slowly roll in. You can see them off in the distance but they never get severe! Just peaceful and refreshing!


  • Emily

    I love summer storms when we can all sit outside on the porch and watch it rain.

  • Bethany

    I love snow storms, and lightning/thunder storms. They’re so powerful sounding! ( :

  • Nellie

    Rain storms on a warm sunny day.

  • Suzy.Q.S.

    Would really appreciate just a simple rain without the wind and destruction. Just want my garden to get a rain water boost.

  • Soozle

    I love a strong thunder storm! There is something magical about watching the lightning flashing across the sky and hearing the thunder boom!

  • Soozle

    I like DearJune and Greeneyed on FB (Suzanne Kristy) and posted about the giveaway taggin both of you!

  • I like tornado storms. I love it when the sky turns green and still.

  • Gina

    I love thunder storms, I love right before when the sky gets grey and gloomy, its so different and exciting

  • I am from Mumbai, India and we have MONSOONS. It is three-four months of tropical seasonal rains. Our country, is largely agricultural and dependent on the monsoons. While the rainy season does mean traffic snarls, it also means that the trees in urban Mumbai, wear a fresh green hue. Nothing that beat the freshness that Monsoons bring, not to mention the sweet smell of the earth post the first drops of the tropical monsoon storm. We look forward to this season each year and it is just a few weeks away. Hurrah.

  • the most fabulous storms are the ones in early fall that start by creating a palette of eerie colors across the sky. thick layers of ominous clouds that work their way toward you. everything is still and silent. the air changes temperature and the smell of rain hangs around you – teasing you. finally, as if the climax scene to a play nature is performing – the sky opens up and it begins to rain. the huge kind of raindrops that make so much noise you can barely hear yourself think. these storms, the ones that take forever to start, usually end quickly…and after the storm – if you are lucky maybe there will be a rainbow :]

  • My favorite storms are the first thunderstorms of Spring…where the day can’t seem to decide if it wants to be stormy or sunny. The lighting is incredible and the sound of rain after months of snow is so satisfying.

  • Leah C

    I love Thunderstorms. We could really use some in Texas right now.

  • Christina

    I love wind storms when the power goes out and you can just spend time with your family :)

  • I love thunderstorms, but since we’re in a drought situation here in the desert, a nice rain storm would be very cool! Thanks for this giveaway, the scarves are wonderful

  • I grew up in Florida where there’s a brief afternoon thunderstorm every day! The whipping wind before the storm sets in is my favorite part but I’m fascinated by the lightning and enjoy the cooling rain. Probably the best part, though is that it’s over in about 30 minutes!

  • I love short summer storms! The sudden weather change, a quick hard rain, and then the sun is out again!

  • Snowstorm … but only when I’m savely inside with a good book and hot tea!

  • Living in Florida, we only have two kinds of storms, summer thunderstorms and hurricanes. I would have to say I like the sort summer thunderstorms. They are cozy and fun to watch.

  • Ai Arita


    my favourite storm is rain storm. i really like rain. i like watch it or walk when it rains. and the rains often comes with dark clouds. they are hide the sun, and because i have sun allergy, this is a plus point!!

  • Mer

    Last Feb Baltimore had over 2 feet of snow and I couldn’t even open my back porch door – I had to be shoveled out! It wasn’t “fun” but my office was closed for 3 days! That’s FUN! Tanks for the opportunity! LOVE!

  • Marija

    I love late night summer thunderstorms when I can turn all the lights off and just listen to the thunder and rain.

    marija.majerle at gmail dot com

  • Brittney Minor

    I like the rain storms in Hawaii when it is still 80 degrees outside and the sun is shining and you can still lay out on the beach :)

  • I love thunder storms….when I am home in the bed and I feel safe

  • Giusy Acquaviva

    So .. I live in the south of Italy and there are few storms .. the contrary, here you see the beautiful sea and the sunny weather .. however I think that storms are a burst of energy and anger … storms suggest what’s wrong in life and you have to think about it … visit the Puglia (just so beautiful )…:)

  • My favorite kind of storm is a thunderstorm where you can clearly see flashes of lightning coming down and hitting the ground. As long as I am watching from the comfort and safety of my own porch, that is!

  • Amber

    I love rain storms when it’s warm outside because the rain is so refreshing!

  • Amber

    I like both of you on Facebook, my FB name is Amanda Moore, and shared on my wall:

  • I love big, intense, thundery thunderstorms, where you’re not scared power lines are going to fall, but you also don’t want to leave the house. The kind that give you the perfect excuse to stay in & blog & eat ice cream while watching “SVU” reruns!

  • Giusy Acquaviva

    I like both of you on Facebook, my FB name is Giusy Acquaviva, and shared on my wall:

  • Veronica

    Is there a name for rainstorms that occur while there is sun shining? I love them! So puuurdy!

  • desert monsoon storms in the summer – when the heat is so high you think you will melt and then a beautiful summer storm rolls in and drop buckets of rain and you can see steam rising from the ground in relief.

  • Kat

    My favorite kind of storms are rainstorms that you can actually get out in (without worrying about lightning), especially when you’re at the beach! :)

  • Alyson

    We had a blizzard this winter that included thunder and lightning… Crazy!

  • I love the summer thunderstorms down south. I’m from Idaho and we don’t get very many that are spectacular. But I adore how it can be brutal hot in the south and then a thunderstorm comes and dumps tons of rain very quickly and then the sun comes out and shines again. The streets are filled with steam from the water hitting the hot pavement. It’s divine.

  • My favorite kind of storm is a nice and rainy thunderstorm that doesn’t get too intense but is nice and relaxing :)

  • I love a good strong, long thunderstorm! I love listening to the rain fall, hearing the thunder and watching as the sky lights up! It makes me so calm!

  • Tracy

    I grew up amongst snow storms and LOVED them, they are so cozy. But then I moved to a very wet area of Canada where we have just wicked wind/rain storms and I must say there is something very, hmm, winter, about sitting in a rocking house with no power all together with our candels and board games – love that! Miss my snow though LOL.

  • michele malone

    I love late night thunderstorms.

  • I always liked the crazy thunderstorms in the Sierra Nevadas of California. My family would vacation there during the summers. They were epic!

  • angela

    I love sandstorms :)

  • i love good old thunder storms. Especially at night when i’m the only one awake.

  • Frances

    Thunderstorms in the middle of the night are the best! I love waking up to a crack of thunder.

  • Leah

    Ice storms, because everything is so beautiful.

  • nitzan

    i like raining storm in tropical warm places , like thailand

  • Raylene

    Those are gorgeous! My favourite type of storms are huge thunderstorms in winter when I can cuddle up on the sofa with some hot cocoa and big blankets :)

  • Thunderstorms are kinda nice. They shake the whole house.

  • I love Rain and Thunder Storms.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kasia

    I love thunderstorms! So scary and beautiful…

  • I love spring rainstorms. My previous house had a tin roof and the sound of the rain hitting the metal would lull me to sleep every time.

  • misha

    Thunder storms have always been my favorite.

  • Emily R

    I like rain storms with lightning as long as nobody gets hurt.

  • Wehaf

    I love to sit on my front porch and watch an amazing thunderstorm.

  • Lauren

    I absolutely love summer thunderstorms.

  • I hate all storms! I have an unnatural fear of them in general!

  • I love heavy rain storms! I’ll never forget that night when I was about 5 years old, it was a huge storm and I woke up in midnight, I was still half asleep and dreaming, so I kind of got lost in my house and thought it was raining in it! I remember I dreamt that I got out of home and stared under the rain in the garden, but I still don’t know if I really did.

  • Chris

    My favourite kind of storm would be the kind where you smell the rain first and then see the dark clouds and rain streeks in the distance. You can’t help but anticipate!

  • Tara E

    summer storms, when it’s warm out and raining softly

  • I love big rain storms! They’re so fun!

  • kim

    most definitely a summer thunderstorm!

  • Penny

    A snow blizzard up in “Bush” Alaska are the best.

  • Chris S.

    I love a good lake-effects snow storm, with huge lofty flakes. Of course they’re only fun when everyone is home safe and warm…

  • Jo

    I think thunderstorms are gorgeous! Have you ever seen thunderstorm photography? The pictures are absolutely stunning.

    jo.tee35 At gmail DOT com

  • leah

    I love those quick summer storms that include a sudden downpour with thunder…

  • Sara P.

    I love tropical storms. The type where the sky is dark and the rain pounds on the roof, and then it is clear and sunny 5 minutes later.

  • these are GORGEOUS! i love a good rain storm, where everything is fresh and clean after it blows away.

  • Laurie

    Summer thunder storms that you can see rolling in from the west… awe-inspiring from the shelter of a farmer’s porch!

  • Electrical storms are incredibly frightening to be in but extremely amazing to watch! I remember sitting in my room as a teenager and watching thru my window as an electrical storm ravaged our town. No rain, no wind…just thousands of bolts of lightning one after the other striking everything in sight. It was incredibly loud and I was absolutely terrified yet I couldn’t look away. I will never forget that storm.

    Thanks for the giveaway…fingers (and toes) crossed!

    the MomTog Diaries

  • I’ve just fallen in love with rain storms… how incredible the sound is when you stand outside.

  • TopHat

    I love drizzly rain storms- the kind that set in and you know it’s going to be all day. Curl up and knit!

  • sabrina

    Summer thunderstorms are the best!

  • Keiko

    I’ve always loved the summer rain storms in Hawaii. I never get to have that kind of rain in the summer in California. It’s a nice change.

  • Kendra

    There’s nothing like a blizzard to pull people together and make you grateful for your home. They’re just an amazing display of nature’s power.

  • I love a good blizzard and the excitement of a snow day that follows!

  • Hannah

    My favorite storms are the ones where rain pours down onto the pavement (no lightening and thunder, please and thank you). Ever since I moved into the city, I miss hearing the rain coming down over my head. But when the thunderstorms here get big enough, I still get that cosy feeling that comes with warm lighting and a cup of tea on a stormy night with the rain cascading from above.

  • Shari

    I was born on a dark and stormy night in July…

  • sooze

    I love storms! we get really wicked thunder, lightening, wind and rain storms.

  • sooze

    windstorms on the beach- cool stuff blows in from far away

  • I LOVE when it storms during the summer days here in Texas! It’s a nice break from the heat and I just love thunderstorms!

  • Hmm not a huge fan of storms, but I do enjoy the sprinklings of misty rain when the sun starts to come out and there’s literally rainbows everywhere you look!

  • Jill

    I like windy rainstorms…but only when I can enjoy them from inside my house. :)

  • Paola

    thunder storms that make your house rattle and shake

  • Kat F.

    My favorite kind of storm is a hail storm, that is as long as I’m in the house & not on the road!
    fastkat at gmail dot com

  • Michelle

    I love storms that are perfect for cuddling indoors and sleeping. =)

  • aj

    I like storms that make the weather cooler ( :

  • mframe

    My favorite storm is one you can watch on the front porch. Love watching how lightening streaks across the sky.

  • Extreme thunder and darkness with plenty of lightning and rain!

  • Jenny M.

    I love thunderstorms in the summer, it grows dark and cloudy really quickly and a cool breeze blows and I get this feeling of anticipation for something amazing coming. I like sitting outside on my porch during it and hearing the loud rushing as the rain pours and the smell of water cleansing the heavy summer air, and then a massive thunder clap……and then it ends just as quickly as it began

  • I love to watch thunderstorms with tons of bolt lightning. The are so beautiful and powerful. Its amazing especially the ones without rain… so mysterious!

  • violet

    i love when it rains in the afternoon.

  • Katherine

    I like light rain storms.

  • i love thunderstorms. especially out in the desert when it’s not raining, it’s so intense!

  • Tiffany

    While traveling through Katmandu, Nepal during monsoon season several years ago each morning would start out humid as all get out. Then every afternoon, without fail, a cool wind would begin to blow in and the rains would poor in like sheets. It would rain for an hour but after the rain would stop, the environment changed. There was a coolness and crispness to the air. It was like a daily shower that just replenished the already lush environment. Like a little present each and every day. Till this day, Katmandu is my favorite place to visit!!! AMAZING!

  • I once encountered an ash storm from the bushfires in Australia. That was cool in a way since it was my first time seeing everything being covered in ash! This coming from someone who has never experienced snow of course.

  • nik

    I don’t know what kind of storm it was but I would call it a Seashell Storm. I went down to Jupiter Island with some friends for a June vacation several years ago and we arrived around midnight after long flight delays. A storm passed through during the night but everyone else was so tired they slept through it and well into the morning. I couldn’t sleep so I got up around 5am to stroll the beach and much to my shock and delight, the sand was covered with seashells of all sorts! The storm had blanketed the beach with all sorts of shells I had never seen before…it was so incredibly cool!

  • Nan Allison

    the most beautiful storm i experienced was in phang nga bay, thailand. my beau and i were spending the night in a fishing village on an island in the bay and we awoke very early that morning to the most torrential downpour we had ever seen. the sky was violet and orange as the sun rose and there were fireworks of lightning that lit up the sky and illuminated the water. we sat in our little thatched hut, sleepy eyed, but not wanting to miss a moment.

  • Aubry Daman

    I love watching thunderstorms from my living room that has huge windows. Something about it being dark in the middle of the day and the sound of rain on the windows is so calming.

  • Taronger

    I love the storms over green mountains

  • Kristiana

    I love big storms at night. That way I can cuddle up with the hubby on the couch and watch/listen through the front windows. So awesome!

  • My favorite kind of storms are a good heavey spring thunderstorm, the ones where the air is full of static and the sky is dark and the earth smells fresh and green. Also the first snow storms, especially the ones that have the gigantic, fluffy flakes!

  • Melody Rosendahl

    I love summer storms… they come and leave quickly… & it’s warm enough outside that you can stay outside in them!

  • christy mitchell

    i like a summer shower, not lightning etc.

  • kristen

    i like loud thunderstorms at night :)

  • I love when those dark thundering clouds sneak up and the world gets really quiet. Then the thunder begins. It is strangely peaceful. These scarves are so beautiful!

  • I love snow storms that drop a couple of inches per hour. It’s so cozy when the snow is coming down like a blanket around the house.

  • Diana

    Love lighting and thunder! Awesome fireworks in the sky.

  • I love big thunderstorms but in Denver, we rarely get them. However, last night, the sky was alive with some incredible lightning. Add the rumbling thunder and smell of fresh rain, and it was heaven.

  • ReganJ

    Snow storms because it forces everyone to stay home and rest…

  • I love an African thunder storm – especially on a tin roof! Reminds me of my childhood.

  • I love those cloudy days at the beach where it’s raining on and off, and the wind is blowing like crazy, and the waves crash onto the shore like they’re trying to escape from the sea.

  • hofken

    My favorite kind of storm is the summer monsoon in Tucson that gives us a break from the 100-degrees-plus temperatures

  • Lauren Spirov

    The storms when the sky turns green-ish and everything is still and unbearably humid. The rain comes for only a short time and then clears so the night sky can be seen.

  • thunderstorms in a summer!

  • Krista

    Thunderstorms and lightning are my favorite to sit and watch!

  • anastasia coopet

    Middle of the night down pours. In the middle of the summer in south Carolina, the sky lights up a gorgeous purple when the lightning flashes. My house is so tiny it shakes when the thunder crashes, so I get up and.make a cup of tea and sketch. I’m smiling just thinking about it. Thank you for the thought. Xoxo beautiful scarves btw

  • Amy

    Since the recent tornadoes in Tennessee and Alabama were really close to home, my favorite kind of storm is the very farthest thing from those — SNOW STORMS.

  • I love the good ole fashioned lightning slamming and thundering bamming and your jumping out of your skin kind of storm…VERY exciting…heavensent1@yahoo dotcom

  • I love summer thunder storms over the lake at the cottage!

  • Little Miss Sunshine

    I love warm summer rainstorms. We don’t get much rain out here in the desert, but when we do it comes down in buckets.

  • Vee

    I love rainstorms! And Thunder!

    sswpss at yahoo dot com

  • I’m all about thunderstorms, I live in a subtropical area and we usually get some pretty good storms, with lots of lightning and heavy rain. Sadly, we didn’t get very many this summer though :S

  • Bec

    I LOVE thunderstorms in the early evening during the summer. The transition from sunny, hot, and muggy, to sprinkling rain to a wonderful, refreshing downpour, is amazing! These days always end with me cuddling my puppy and reassuring her that the weathergods aren’t actually trying to kill her.

  • It’s the thunder and lightening of thunderstorms that I find thrilling.

  • Paige

    My little brother has what can only be described as stormy eyes and, while this is probably not the type of answer you were going for, it is the first thing I tend to think of when given the word storm. I use to imagine huge, puffy clouds of thunder rolling through the vast distances that seemed to be held behind the surface of his eyes after I had first heard my mom refer to his eyes as “stormy”. And this reference has always been so fitting as his temper is one of those that just cannot seem to be controlled; there has yet to be a subject he is not passionate about. And when he calms down after an argument I can see something in his eyes change, almost like a flicker, just like the last quiet rumbles the thunder makes as the storm rolls on.

  • Erin

    I really love rainstorms, especially at night because they help get me to sleep! :)

  • Is there such a thing as a favorite storm? I hate storms! But the I love when it rains when the sun is shining. That is beautiful!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  • Corrie

    I LOVE heavy rainstorms.

  • susanlanai

    Love a good downpour because after it there is usually a gorgeous rainbow!

  • I love rain storms, for many reasons…I find them very relaxing which is wonderful because as a new mom it’s hard to relax! I love when it rains because It nurtures my garden and fills up my rain barrels. And because I won’t have to worry about cleaning my car for a while, too!

    I’d love to win this scarf so I can give it to my mother. She has been on the hunt for a lovely gray scarf and this one would be perfect for her :)

  • I love a good rain storm…best time to take a nap or read a book :)

    danielleaknapp at gmail dot com

  • I live in Ohio. ‘The land of weather’ I’ve heard it been called by out-of-towners…I love rain, no matter what fashion it comes in. Since it would be impossible for me to pick a favorite type of rain, I’ll remember some memories. For my 18th birthday I had a big sleepover with my girlfriends. We were sitting on the back porch eating homemade General Tso’s, drinking natural rootbeer and chatting it up when it began to rain. We ignored it. The night was chilly but comfortable and our heads were sheltered. Unexpectedly the wind blew right into the porch and the rain quickened. We grabbed our food and ran inside sprightly as rabbits. The rest of the night it rained and into the next day.
    Other memories include babysitting one particularly dark evening with a friend and sitting at an open window with a little boy named Jacob who loved to watch the rain. Oh, how he loved that rain and I that moment with him. Not even the other boys calling him to play Wii just four feet over could distract him from it.
    (Just one more) Another is when I went for a bike ride with my uncle around dear old Kelley’s Island, Ohio. We left wondering if it would rain, but promptly deciding that it wouldn’t. We were sorely wrong. The wind blew right at us the entire time, my jeans were so drenched I could hardly move my legs enough to peddle. I thought I’ve never make it back to camp. But I did.
    Oh boy, that is a bit of a long spew isn’t it? :-)

  • I love a heavy summer rainstorm – the kind where the rain falls so hard, straight down, that it bounces back up from the ground. While I adore the sound of thunder and the beauty of lightning, my poor dog, Booker, is terrified – and when Booker is not happy, NOBODY is happy.

  • agnes

    I like storm during summer season in a tropical country like ours. :)

  • agnes

    liked Dear June and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook and posted about this giveaway

  • elizabeth

    snowstorms! perfect with a fireplace and hot cocoa!

  • I love thunder and lightening rain storms. Very thrilling and the lightening beauitful.


  • Posted about the giveaway on my Facebook fan page


  • evelyn

    i love summer thunderstorms – they’re so dramatic and refreshing!

  • Claire Ryder

    I love Summer storms, when it’s warm with a slight breeze and thunderclouds overhead.

  • I love lightening storms at night when I’m in my bed.

  • I love the thunder bumper clouds that pile high before a sultry summer storm.

  • Love an all day slow rain. Sit by the window and read a book. Such relaxation. Love the scarves!

  • I think i’m definitely a fan of thunder storms. my friends and i went outside to puddle jump and then get a better view upon a roof. we later found out that a tornado had touched down about 30 miles away. oops.

  • Darcy

    I lived in Iowa for two years and the spring and summer thunderstorms are amazing there! The thunder shakes the house! I loved those storms!

  • Aik

    Lightning and thunder comes together to form a powerful, beautiful and magnificent symphony accompanied by the rain.

  • Lyudmila

    Gale-force wind is with us. but rarely

  • cassie

    Thunder and lightening storms in the summer!

  • clenna

    I grew up in the Midwest and have experienced many tornadoes. I don’t like the actual results from a tornato but the sky before one hits is an eerie yellow green and very quiet, then the hail starts, then the wind. It’s fascinating and exciting.

    clenna at aol dot com

  • clenna

    I like Dear June and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook

    clenna at aol dot com

  • Lisa

    I love the sound of rolling thunder and the whipping wind, but my favorite storm happens when I am inside, safe and warm.

  • Lynn

    Springtime storms of jade, turqoise and silver that welcome the blossoms.

  • Stacey

    Thunder storms have always been my favorite

  • ninajoleisa

    Thunderstorms are romantic, I think. :)
    ninajoleisa at gmail dot com

  • Annie

    I love the strong flash summer thunderstorms in the south. The best part is the smell of the air afterwards :)

  • Annie

    I like Dear June on FB. FB: anne murdock

  • Annie

    I like GreenEyedMonster on FB. FB: anne murdock

  • Pam R

    I love a good blizzard when I’m cozied up by the fire with my family and a cup of hot cocoa. I don’t, however, like the clean up afterwards :(

  • azn-soul

    I like thunderstorms and after hearing one, I would count the mississipi way until I hear the next one :)

  • Chelsea

    I love to watch a storm slowly rolling in over the sound at night on the deck of my Fathers house in North Carolina. It’s amazing.

  • Abie

    I love thunderstorms during the day. But not at night… :)

  • jacqueline v

    i love monsoon season in arizona!

  • Stephanie Klemm

    Wow, her scarves are gorgeous! I do not like storms. If I had to choose it would be snow storms…with a fire, sweatpants, hot cocoa, and a book.

  • susie sung

    I love loud, hard, blustery storms. my four girls and I sit on cushions in front of our back door with a blanket wrapped all around us. as powerful as it is outside, we are all pillory soft on the inside.

  • brittany

    i lovee the storms in florida! tons of lightening because i live in the lightening capita of the u.s.!

  • Lubaska

    I love typical summer storms from the heat… in the afternoon, very heavy and short…

  • My favorite kind of storm is the one that isn’t too close by!

  • Ashley

    I like thunderstorms.

  • kolpin

    in miami, i loved the summer afternoon storms…hot as hell, sun shining, massive amounts of rain, and then it would be done in an hour!
    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

  • When I lived in Arizona a few times a year we’d get monsoons and it would rain mud but it was like everything was singing. It was so nice to have rain because it was often over 110 degrees. It was beautiful, even with all the pavement. danabeeman(at)gmail(dot)com

  • We actually dont get that many interesting storms in the UK, just thunder storms and I dont really like them much!

    Daisy Dayz Home
    Cross-Jones-Photography Home
    Don’t forget to enter my Alex Keller Giveaway

  • Alessia

    I really don’t love storms… :)

  • laura

    My favorite storm is a good ole thunder storm!!

  • katie

    These look fantastic for summer time!! And I LOVE tunder storms. I love it with the lightening and heavy rain and he loud boom and echo of the thunder!

  • Rowan

    I love a good snow “storm”. I love the juxtaposition of the fury of flurries in absolute silence! Magical!

  • I particularly like it when it’s all lightning, no rain. It’s fun to watch.. :)

  • Laura P.

    I love thunderstorms particularly if I have the day off and can just stay in bed with a good book.

  • Kayla

    I like blizzards as long as I am inside

  • Salleefur/Jesslyn

    It depends on where you are – sometimes Windstorms can be breathtaking(!)! We are fortunate enough to live near Lake Michigan and we have seen some utter amazing electrical thunderstorms on the Lake – it can be terrifying but spellbinding at the same time. It’s like you know you should run and seek shelter but somehow you’re transfixed and just can’t take your eyes off of the spectacular spectacle!

  • Oksana

    I adore light storms on the sea!!! But I dont to be the witness of tsunami :-) !

    Thank you for the chance!


  • Oksana

    I like Dear June and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook and posted about the giveaway:!/permalink.php?story_fbid=172856319438392&id=100000966605964

    (oksana vladimirovna)


  • Angie Boss

    I like the summer storms that crackle in the heat where the heat shimmers and the rain finally comes and sizzles on the sidewalk and instantly cools down everything within reach-especially frazzled minds.

  • Heathery

    I love thunderstorms, but only the ones that are in weather that is too cold to bring tornadoes!

  • Love the scarf and the Giveaway! Already participated!

  • Lyndsey

    My favorite “Storm” is the piece by Pierre-Auguste Cot hat hangs in the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York.It can’t be a coincidence that the couple in the painting is seeking refuge under the cover of an airy scarf…

  • For me, its a tie between two types of storms. I LOVE summer thunderstorms. The smell of the rain, the loud crash of thunder, and especially the heat lightening that lingers throughout the night.
    I also love intense snowstorms- the ones where I get stuck in my house for a week. There is nothing more beautiful than a city covered in 3 feet of snow; the stillness that overtakes the city is surreal.

  • Sarah mama

    Living at 10,200 feet in Leadville CO, we are accustomed to storms! Some of the most unique are what I have now labeled a SLAIN storm, this is when it is a raining, snowing, sleeting storm which happens often through April and May! Love the scarfs really want to win!!

  • brandy ivy

    love the scarves and my favorite storms are the midwest summer thunder and lightening storms!

  • brandy ivy

    I posted on FB and liked and linked both sites on my page!

  • Eileen

    steady rainstorms that quietly rumble

  • Michelle

    I love lightening storms or huge thunderstorms.

  • Green Eyed Monster

    Congratulations, Kristen!

  • Serena

    Thunderstorms are great for curling up with a cozy blanket and a good book, the white noise of rain pattering on the roof is nice. For a blizzard, along with power and good food; yummy wine and maybe a game or two.

  • Taylor

    My favorite storms are the lightning and thunder storms during the New Mexico monsoon season. I love to just sit out on my porch watching the rain come pouring down and the lightning making pictures in the sky. With the Sandia Mountains in the background this desert storm is a sight to be seen!

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