Pippa Patchwork

You all know that we love a good rainbow explosion, and Pippa Patchwork’s bold, colorful quilted goodies are no exception! Ash and Kimmy have always been wildly envious of skilled quilters (okay, Kimmy is envious of any kind of quilter). Ash would so like to be able to replicate the delightful craftiness and allure of a handmade quilt, but just does not have the patience for such a task. And Kimmy, well, she just doesn’t really have any skills when it comes to sewing of any kind or form. Thus, we take to purchasing beautiful quilts made by skilled peeps like Pippa Patchwork. The bright, bold pillow designs would be great in a kid’s room, and we love the idea of a quilted table runner and coasters! Also, Pippa Patchwork will do CUSTOM designs for you. So pick some colors and create something fabulous!

ENVIABLE PERK: Beautiful, handmade quilts in bold, colorful, geometric patterns!

Color us pretty (in rainbow)!

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Pippa Patchwork is giving away an item of the winner’s choice ($50 or less). To enter, comment on this post and tell us your favorite crayola crayon color (click that link for a helpful list).  Ash digs “Wild Blue Yonder” (primarily because of the name) while Kimmy opts for “Periwinkle.”

Photo: Courtesy of Pippa Patchwork
Available: http://www.etsy.com/shop/PippaPatchwork

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