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It is unclear if Kimmy’s love of pearls comes from her infatuation with the ocean and marine creatures (I mean, how cool is it that mollusks make pearls?!) or if it is because her June birthday dictated that she like pearls. Perhaps it seems like a way to be a mermaid in real life. White pearls, black pearls, round or teardrop shape, Kimmy is completely obsessed and Skye Juice‘s shop is full of them! These colorful clusters surely brighten any occasion. And seeing as it is June – the season of pearls, and graduations, and weddings – we think Sky Juice might be just the perfect place to find a fun and affordable (pearl) gift!

ENVIABLE PERK: All Skye Juice jewelry is made by hand.

Add some colors (and some pearls!) to your life.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Skye Juice is giving away a pearl cluster bracelet in the color of your choice. To enter, comment on this post and tell us your birthstone. Ash’s April birthday means diamonds, and Kimmy’s June date means pearls. For extra entries, ‘like’ both Skye Juice and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook, and post a link to the giveaway mentioning both pages.

Photo: Courtesy of Skye Juice

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