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We seem to be on a kick with stories about our little brother (a term we use loosely given that he could bench press us both. With Ash 8 months pregnant).

He was a kid who loved semi-precious gemstones. He had a rock tumbler. He had a huge piece of quartz for a bookend on his bookshelf. He hoarded a collection of fool’s gold and druzy and other assorted treasures. For his 5th birthday, he casually asked our parents for a sack of rubies (ruby being the birthstone for July, his birthmonth). He even once hid a piece of fool’s gold in his ear to keep a fellow pre-schooler from absconding with it and landed himself in the ER. Emergency Gemstone Removal From Inner Ear. Obviously.

Needless to say, gemstones have a soft spot in our heart, and Your Daily Jewels is brimming with semi-precious gemstones. Norah, the artist behind Your Daily Jewels, has been a collector of special beads, beautiful stones, and baubles since childhood. Her shop is full of sparkly earrings, epic druzy necklaces, and colorful beaded bracelets. We also love how she refers to her dainty jewelry as The Itty Bitty Line! We think Your Daily Jewels is perfect for childhood gem collectors and adult jewelry lovers alike.

ENVIABLE PERK: 5% of the proceeds from all Your Daily Jewels purchases are donated to the American Hospice Association through Team Etsy Project Embrace.

Color bursting jewelry priced to brighten everyday.

GIVEAWAY ALERT: Your Daily Jewels is giving away a lemon-lime quartz necklace to the “grand” prize winner, and two runners-up will win these beaded earrings. To enter, comment on this post and tell us what you’ll be doing to ring in the first official weekend of summer. Ash is headed to an “ice cream social” at the local food co-op with her family. Kimmy has a crab boil on an island to attend this weekend! For extra entries, ‘like’ Your Daily Jewels and Green Eyed Monster on Facebook, and post a link to the giveaway mentioning both pages. And/or follow Your Daily Jewels and Green Eyed Monster on Twitter, and tweet about the giveaway mentioning @yourdailyjewels and @greeneyedmonst.

Photos: Courtesy of Your Daily Jewels

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